APT. Avenida Liberdade: A Masterclass in Elegant Interior Design

Discover APT. Avenida Liberdade, a testament to modern living within Portugal’s historic walls. Designed in 2022 by Emanuel Valente de Sousa of Studio A+1, this apartment merges traditional charm with contemporary design, offering a unique residence that showcases plush interior design, innovative lighting, and luxurious marble touches in its bathrooms, creating an enviable space that prioritizes style, comfort, and timeless elegance.

Elegant living room with ornate ceiling, colorful artwork, and modern furniture.
Elegant living room with ornate ceiling and modern furnishings.
Elegant living room with ornate ceiling and chic furniture.
Sleek corridor with geometric light fixture and vibrant wall art.
Contemporary hallway with geometric pendant light and dark walls.
Modern kitchen interior with LED ceiling lights and marble island.
Elegant kitchen with ornate ceiling and marble floors
Elegant bedroom with classic moulding and a unique white chandelier.
Minimalist white marble bathroom with glass shower enclosure.
Elegant bathroom with marble sink, gray tiles, and a glass shower.
Contemporary bathroom with teal tiles, marble floor, and white vanity.

About APT. Avenida Liberdade

Elegance on Avenida Liberdade

Nestled in the heart of Portugal, the APT. Avenida Liberdade stands as a testament to modern living within historic walls. Designed in 2022 by Emanuel Valente de Sousa from Studio A+1, this apartment blends traditional charm with contemporary flair, creating an enviable residence.

A Grand Entrance

Stepping into the living room, the intricate ceiling moldings immediately draw the eye, echoing the building’s storied past. Plush seating in soothing pastels harmonizes with a bold, abstract painting, while natural light bathes the space through tall windows.

Transitioning into a cozier ambiance, the hallway juxtaposes dark, moody tones against vibrantly colored artwork, illuminated by a striking geometric light fixture. This artful passage promises enigmatic depth and leads occupants through the apartment’s heart.

The Culinary Core

The kitchen reveals a stark, minimalist beauty with gleaming white surfaces and a standout linear light installation that mirrors the room’s sleek lines. High-end appliances and a generous island invite both culinary exploration and social gathering.

Following the journey of sophistication, the bedroom offers a serene retreat, where calming blues envelop a tranquil bedding arrangement. An artistic chandelier casts intricate shadows, enhancing the ethereal quality of this private chamber.

The en suite bathroom is an oasis of luxury, with marble vanities and crisp white tiles reflecting immaculate taste. The meticulous design extends to additional bathrooms, each exhibiting unique hues yet maintaining the same opulent marble touch.

APT. Avenida Liberdade is a masterclass in design elegance, where each room tells part of a grander narrative of style, comfort, and timeless sophistication.

Photography courtesy of Emanuel Valente de Sousa of Studio A+1
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- by Matt Watts