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APT. Cais do Sodré: Inside the Modern, Elegant Portuguese Apartment

Chic living room with a gray sectional sofa, bar area, and tasteful

Dive into APT. Cais do Sodré, a masterpiece of modern design nestled in Portugal. Designed by Emanuel Valente de Sousa of Studio A+1 in 2020, this apartment blends comfort with contemporary elegance, showcasing a deep understanding of space, texture, and color. Explore how this urban retreat redefines luxury living, featuring a chic living area, a gourmet kitchen, and luxurious private quarters.

Belas Clube Campo: Inside the Sleek Design of Portugal’s Elegance

FeaturedModern living room with sleek furniture and wooden accents.

Belas Clube Campo, designed by Emanuel Valente de Sousa of Studio A+1 in 2021, epitomizes the zenith of modern elegance. Located in Portugal, this house seamlessly integrates luxurious contemporary design with a serene natural setting. Showcasing expansive living areas adorned with warm wooden accents and minimalist kitchens, every detail underlines a commitment to stylish, harmonious living.

APT. Avenida Liberdade: A Masterclass in Elegant Interior Design

Elegant living room with ornate ceiling, colorful artwork, and modern furniture.

Discover APT. Avenida Liberdade, a testament to modern living within Portugal’s historic walls. Designed in 2022 by Emanuel Valente de Sousa of Studio A+1, this apartment merges traditional charm with contemporary design, offering a unique residence that showcases plush interior design, innovative lighting, and luxurious marble touches in its bathrooms, creating an enviable space that prioritizes style, comfort, and timeless elegance.