APT. Cais do Sodré: Inside the Modern, Elegant Portuguese Apartment

Dive into APT. Cais do Sodré, a masterpiece of modern design nestled in Portugal. Designed by Emanuel Valente de Sousa of Studio A+1 in 2020, this apartment blends comfort with contemporary elegance, showcasing a deep understanding of space, texture, and color. Explore how this urban retreat redefines luxury living, featuring a chic living area, a gourmet kitchen, and luxurious private quarters.

Chic living room with a gray sectional sofa, bar area, and tasteful
Modern living room with gray sofa, coffee table, and kitchenette with bar stools
Modern home interior with a bar area and a white staircase.
Contemporary kitchen with black marble counters and sleek bar stools.
Top-down view of a modern living room with a sofa, armchair, and
Contemporary bathroom with wooden vanity and backlit mirror.
Modern bathroom interior with wooden cabinets and white towels.
Modern bathroom interior with wood accents and glass shower.
Modern bathroom with wood paneling and glass shower.
Contemporary bathroom with rustic wall, floating vanity, and sleek fixtures.

About APT. Cais do Sodré

Elegant Urban Living: APT. Cais do Sodré

Dive into the heart of Portugal where APT. Cais do Sodré, designed by Emanuel Valente de Sousa of Studio A+1 in 2020, awaits. This article takes you inside this chic apartment, revealing a blend of modern design and comfort.

A Warm Welcome: The Living Area

Stepping into the living room, the attention to detail is palpable. Plush cushions adorn a sleek, L-shaped sofa, inviting you to relax. The strategic placement of a modern coffee table and tasteful artwork captures the essence of this serene space. Here, Studio A+1 showcases their mastery of blending textures and tones, creating a cozy yet refined atmosphere.

Culinary Chic: The Kitchen and Bar Area

Adjacent to the living room lies the kitchen and bar area, whose monochromatic palette and clean lines exude contemporary elegance. Black marble countertops contrast with the pristine white shelves, while state-of-the-art appliances promise culinary adventures. Designer bar stools invite intimate conversations, turning the space into a social hub.

Ascending the white staircase, the sense of design continuity is clear, guiding you to the private quarters with effortless flow.

Luxurious Retreat: The Bathroom

In the bathroom, Studio A+1’s choice of organic materials harmonizes with modern fixtures. Warm wooden accents pair with sleek surfaces, reflecting a meticulous balance between nature and luxury. A walk-in shower, boasting a rainfall head, promises a spa-like experience within the comfort of home.

Each image of APT. Cais do Sodré tells the story of a well-curated home, designed by the visionary Emanuel Valente de Sousa. This apartment is not just a space, but a testament to the art of modern living.

Photography courtesy of Emanuel Valente de Sousa of Studio A+1
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- by Matt Watts