Tepla Apartment: Creative Design Integration for Apartment Living

Step into the elegant Tepla Apartment in the United States, designed by MAKHNO Studio in 2021. This apartment showcases a seamless blend of warm colors, artistic details, and innovative design elements, creating a welcoming and contemporary living space.

Contemporary living room with built-in shelves, brown couch and minimal decor.
Modern minimalist kitchen with white cabinets and unique pendant lights.
Minimalist bedroom with a bed, sheer curtains, and neutral tones.
Minimalist bedroom with terrazzo wall, neutral tones, and sleek furniture.
Minimalist bedroom with textured wall and sleek furnishings.
Contemporary bedroom with textured 3D wall panel and minimalist decor.
Modern bathroom with white tub, mosaic tiles, and wooden stool.
Minimalist bathroom with pale wood vanity and mosaic tile walls.

About Tepla Apartment

Warm and Artistic Design

Experience the Tepla Apartment crafted by MAKHNO Studio in 2021. Simple lines, warm colors, and handcrafted details define this space. From the large brown sofa to the textured design elements in the black and white kitchen, every corner tells a story of thoughtful design. The guest area on the first floor offers a cozy retreat with warm shades and a private bathroom. The transparent staircase to the second floor adds a touch of modernity, while the master bedroom exudes elegance with designer lighting and ceramic tile panels. Step inside and immerse yourself in a blend of contemporary aesthetics and artistic inspirations.

Innovative Features

Noteworthy features like the Moooi tables, handmade ceramics, and MAKIVKA lamps infuse the apartment with character and charm. The use of triplex glass for the staircase and the unique wall treatment in the master bedroom showcase the designers’ commitment to pushing boundaries and creating visually striking spaces. The bathroom, adorned with Italian plumbing and pale pink PIVOT lamps, offers a haven of tranquility and sophistication. Each detail in Tepla Apartment harmoniously contributes to the overall aesthetic, making it a true masterpiece of contemporary design.

Photography courtesy of MAKHNO Studio
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- by Matt Watts