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Dante House: Integrating Exposed Concrete with Nature in Brasília

FeaturedA modern concrete and wood structure with overhead canopy and integrated lighting.

Dante House in Brasília, Brazil, is a masterful creation by BLOCO Arquitetos, unveiled in 2023. This house, featuring an ingenious L-shaped plan and an exposed concrete roof, showcases an interior where natural light and open spaces reign supreme. Its design not only respects the surrounding landscape but also elevates the living experience, making it a standout project in modern Brazilian residential architecture.

GG House: A Masterpiece of Glass and Light in Trüllikon

A modern living room with a white sofa, blue storage unit, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

GG House in Trüllikon, Switzerland, redefines luxury living with its 2023 design by NOE9. This unique house seamlessly integrates glass, Canaletto walnut, and concrete, blending the indoors with the natural surroundings. The innovative use of colored glass and strategic lighting enhances the spacious interior, making it a perfect example of contemporary architecture that respects its origins while embracing modern comforts.