GG House: A Masterpiece of Glass and Light in Trüllikon

GG House in Trüllikon, Switzerland, redefines luxury living with its 2023 design by NOE9. This unique house seamlessly integrates glass, Canaletto walnut, and concrete, blending the indoors with the natural surroundings. The innovative use of colored glass and strategic lighting enhances the spacious interior, making it a perfect example of contemporary architecture that respects its origins while embracing modern comforts.

A modern living room with a white sofa, blue storage unit, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.
Striking architectural features: bold blue wall, open concrete ceiling, modern furniture.
Spacious dining area with large window offering scenic countryside views, modern furniture.
Sleek modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, concrete ceiling, and scenic views.
Modern loft-style room with wooden floors, white walls, and a large window offering a view.
Vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and natural light create an inviting, modern bedroom.
Modern bathroom with minimalist white vanity, circular basin, and vibrant green accent wall.
Vibrant green shower enclosure with sleek chrome fixtures and minimalist design.
Vibrant blue and red tiled bathroom with circular mirror and minimalist vanity.

About GG House

Revolutionizing Space with Light and Color

GG House stands as a testament to modern architecture’s possibilities, where NOE9, the visionary designers, embraced the challenge of merging the past and the present in Trüllikon, Switzerland. The house, designed in 2023, showcases a masterful use of glass as both a connector and a divider, maintaining the integrity of open spaces. The incorporation of yellow and blue glass not only demarcates spaces but also creates mesmerizing color interplays, transforming the perception of daylight and enhancing the home’s ambience.

A Material Symphony: Wood, Glass, and Concrete

In an homage to the villa’s existing character, NOE9 chose materials that speak volumes. Canaletto walnut wood, in conversation with the pre-existing floors, and various forms of glass and concrete, come together in a refined retexture of the space. This thoughtful selection ensures that every element contributes to a cohesive narrative of renewal and respect for the building’s architectural heritage.

Illumination as a Design Element

Lighting within GG House serves a dual purpose, marrying aesthetics with functionality. Decorative lighting introduces an emotional layer, while a meticulously integrated technical light source in the custom furniture and sloping roofs creates an illusion of levitation. This innovative approach to lighting blurs the boundaries of the structure, inviting an ethereal quality into every corner of the home.

Furnishing with a Narrative

At GG House, furniture goes beyond mere utility. Each piece tells a story, reflecting the homeowner’s heritage through a meticulous selection of Italian and international designs. The architecture and furnishings share a spirit of unity, exemplified by the island sofa, which redefines the living space. This central piece accentuates the seamless flow between the home’s interior and the lush Swiss landscape beyond.

Through NOE9’s GG House, we witness a dynamic dialogue between materials, color, and light, underpinning a philosophy of respectful renewal and contemporary comfort, woven together to craft a home that is as inviting as it is innovative.

Photography by Simone Furiosi
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- by Matt Watts