Monochrome Apartment: Transforming Spaces in Moscow’s Heart

Discover the Monochrome Apartment in Moscow, a 120 square meter (1291 square feet) haven of modern, timeless design. Dreamt up for a young couple and brought to life by Alisa Shabelnikova, this space combines practicality with vision. From the bright living areas accented by large windows to the cohesive flow between rooms, every detail reflects careful planning. The use of warm whites against dark walnut furnishings accentuates the apartment’s airy feel, making it a standout in contemporary interior design.

Elegant living room with recessed lighting, modern furnishings, and French doors leading to a balcony.
Elegant living space with wood paneling, white furnishings, and brass accents.
Elegant dining room with curved curtains, a striking chandelier, and stylish furniture.
Elegant entryway with a crystal chandelier, herringbone flooring, and decorative moldings.
Elegant living room with ornate ceiling, built-in paneling, and modern furnishings.
Elegant room with white wainscoting, modern chandelier, and built-in shelving.
Opulent bathroom interior with elegant gold light fixtures, black marble vanity, and ornate mirror.
Elegant bedroom with refined architectural details, plush furnishings, and a luxurious chandelier.
Elegant bedroom with crown molding, built-in cabinetry, and luxurious bedding.
Elegant entryway with intricate molding, opulent chandelier, and custom drapery panels.
Elegant bathroom with modern lighting fixtures, marble countertop, and wood cabinetry.
Contemporary bathroom with freestanding tub, wood vanity, and floral decor.

About Monochrome Apartment

Revitalizing Modern Living in Moscow

In the bustling heart of Moscow, just a stone’s throw from the serenity of a nearby lake, stands the Monochrome Apartment, meticulously reimagined by Alisa Shabelnikova. This 120 square meter (1291 square feet) space, chosen by a visionary young couple, represents more than a home—it’s a testament to the transformative power of interior design.

A Seamless Transition

The journey begins in the entryway, a gateway to a realm of spaciousness and light. Shabelnikova’s design philosophy shines through as each room unfolds into the next, promoting an atmosphere of unity and flow. The living room, once fragmented, now basks in the glow of natural light from expansive windows, offering breathtaking views and making first impressions last.

Clever Solutions for Cohesive Aesthetics

Challenges such as awkwardly located vent and sewer boxes in the kitchen did not deter the design. Shabelnikova ingeniously concealed these elements behind panels, integrating them with the kitchen’s walnut veneer cabinetry. This not only solved a functional problem but also enhanced visual harmony, embodying the monochrome theme’s essence of blending and contrast.

A Private Refuge

The apartment’s private quarters tell a story of tranquility and meticulous planning. The master suite, complete with a bathroom and dressing room, offers a sanctuary of comfort and style. Built-in wardrobes mirror the wall colors, blurring the lines between utility and elegance. An additional room, poised to evolve with the family, adds to the home’s adaptability and foresight.

Unified by Color and Light

Throughout, a palette of warm whites and dark walnut strikes a balance, making spaces appear larger and more inviting. A notable exception, the guest bathroom, deviates with its dark chocolate hues, adding depth and character. Such thoughtful color schemes reinforce the apartment’s overarching theme: a modern, timeless abode that captivates and comforts in equal measure.

Reflecting on the process, Shabelnikova credits the synergy between her vision and her clients’ trust as the catalyst for this creation. The Monochrome Apartment stands not just as a place of residence but as a piece of Moscow, redefined and rejuvenated through design.

Photography by Sergey Ananiev
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- by Matt Watts