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Monochrome Apartment: Transforming Spaces in Moscow’s Heart

FeaturedElegant living room with recessed lighting, modern furnishings, and French doors leading to a balcony.

Discover the Monochrome Apartment in Moscow, a 120 square meter (1291 square feet) haven of modern, timeless design. Dreamt up for a young couple and brought to life by Alisa Shabelnikova, this space combines practicality with vision. From the bright living areas accented by large windows to the cohesive flow between rooms, every detail reflects careful planning. The use of warm whites against dark walnut furnishings accentuates the apartment’s airy feel, making it a standout in contemporary interior design.

Eclectic Loft: Innovative Space Saving in a Naples Apartment

Modern living room with minimalist stairs and chic decor.

Nestled in the heart of Naples, Italy, the Eclectic Loft is a masterpiece by Antonio Di Maro, transforming an 80 sqm apartment into a bold expression of eclectic design. This apartment, housed in a historic building on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, juxtaposes past and present through its radical architectural makeover and selective color palette, representing a pinnacle of interior design creativity and space optimization.

Effe-Esse Apartment: A Tiny Space Transformed in Verona

Sleek interior with bold pink sofa, classic painting, and geometric rug.

Discover the Effe-Esse Apartment in the heart of Verona, Italy, brilliantly designed by ArchiplanStudio in 2023. This exquisite 635 sq ft (59 m²) attic apartment transformation showcases a masterclass in space optimization and material sophistication. Experience how tailored furnishings and strategic design illuminate this compact yet luxurious living space, making every inch count.