Villanueva: A Serene Madrid Home by Cuaik CDS

Discover Villanueva, a serene apartment in Madrid, Spain. Crafted by Cuaik CDS, this contemporary home overlooks Retiro Park, blending art, bullfighting themes, and strategic design for unparalleled comfort. With fewer than 10 materials, it offers a warm, spacious feel, making it a true retreat in the city’s heart.

Luxurious living room with contemporary furniture, marble coffee table, and built-in shelves.
Elegant dining area with wooden furnishings, built-in wine storage, and decorative lighting.
Sleek, modern bar area with wooden paneling, display shelves, and leather barstools.
A modern, wood-paneled kitchen with sleek cabinets, countertops, and recessed lighting.
Elegant home office with sleek shelving, wooden table, and patterned blinds.
A cozy living room with wooden panels, a plush armchair, and a window overlooking nature.
Cozy bedroom hallway with warm lighting, wood paneling, and plush carpeting.
Luxurious bedroom with warm-toned paneled walls, recessed lighting, and plush bedding.

About Villanueva

Nestled in the bustling heart of Madrid, Spain, Villanueva emerges as a contemporary haven designed in 2023. This Cuaik CDS creation spans 213 square meters, offering a tranquil escape within the vibrant city. With a focus on fewer than 10 materials, Villanueva showcases an unparalleled serene ambiance, allowing residents to dwell in an atmosphere of refined tranquility.

Harmonious Entryway

As you step inside, the entryway greets you with hushed tones and sleek lines, leading you to the heart of the home. Carefully chosen finishes reflect a minimalist approach, establishing an inviting palette that carries throughout the residence.

Culinary Elegance

The kitchen’s effortless blend of functionality and style presents clean countertops set against warm wooden cabinetry. It’s a space that invites both culinary creation and intimate conversation, a testament to the home’s dedication to comfort and versatility.

Transitions are seamless as one moves into the living areas, where the interplay of natural light and reflective surfaces enhances the sense of space. Here, bespoke pieces by Aythamy Armas intermingle with select bullfighting elements, infusing the client’s personality into every detail.

Living in Art

The living room, a canvas for daily life and entertaining, is bordered by book-lined shelves that not only showcase a curated selection of literature but also speak to the home’s fusion with art. Every furnishing choice within these walls is intentional, balancing aesthetic appeal with utilitarian design.

The dining area, adjacent to the living room, presents a symphony of style and simplicity. Overlooking the verdant Retiro Park, it offers a backdrop that accentuates the dining experience, ensuring every meal is framed by the allure of nature and the city’s pulse.

In the bedrooms, a muted color scheme creates a restful retreat. The integration of strategic mirrors amplifies the tranquility, making these spaces sanctuaries of solace. The bathrooms, with their sunscreens and subdued tones, contribute to the overall narrative of calm and elegance that Villanueva embodies.

Villanueva stands as a beacon of contemporary design, where every space is crafted to honor aesthetics and functionality. This home is not just a place to live; it’s a testament to five years of dedicated experience in Spanish residential design, culminating in an elegant and tranquil retreat from the fervor of Madrid’s urban life.

Photography by Mariola Soberón

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- by Matt Watts