FM House: Blending Modern Living with Art Nouveau Charm

Discover the innovative transformation of FM House, a charming Milan, Italy apartment designed by NOE9 in 2023. This unique project marries Art Nouveau details with modern living, showcasing a custom interior that seamlessly connects every room. From the functional entrance to the inviting foyer with mirror panelling, every aspect is meticulously planned to enhance both style and comfort.

A modern living room with a teal sectional sofa, built-in shelving, and a radiator.
Sleek, geometric flooring and brass accents in this modern hallway design.
Minimalist kitchen and dining area with sleek furniture, modern lighting fixture, and large window.
A minimalist bathroom design featuring a gold shower head and fittings, white walls, and a large window.
Ornate white frame surrounds a cozy bedroom with large window and patterned floor.
Elegant bedroom with ornate ceiling molding, white double doors, and patterned tile floor.
Minimalist bathroom with monochrome tiled floor, built-in vanity, and sleek fixtures.

About FM House

A Unique Marriage of Art Nouveau and Modern Design

In Milan, Italy, a captivating design project emerges with the renovation of FM House. NOE9, the visionary behind this 2023 project, aimed to preserve the apartment’s original Art Nouveau character while introducing elements conducive to contemporary living. The essence of this renovation lies in the intricate balance between maintaining historical details and implementing a modern lifestyle approach.

One of the client’s main desires was to transform the entrance from a purely representative space into a functional area, harmonizing with the rest of the apartment’s design. This led to the creation of specialized spaces within the challenging geometry of the existing floor plan. Custom interiors now open up to both the Art Nouveau balcony and the newly vitalized heart of the home—the entrance foyer. This area acts as a bridge, connecting various rooms while subtly revealing glimpses of each through mirror paneling. The foyer has transcended into a multifunctional space, where the original terrazzo flooring is given a contemporary spin through minimalistic and rational geometries.

Innovative Use of Materials and Textures

An emphasis on natural materials and textures marks the interior design of FM House. In the bathroom, Soleto stone becomes the centerpiece for the custom-designed washbasin, elevating the essence of intimacy using tactile and visually appealing surfaces. Custom-made sofas are adorned with linen and bouclé wool, integrating comfort with luxury. The choice of brass, raw iron, and wood “cannettato” on the walls introduces three-dimensional finishes that resonate throughout the apartment, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic.

Lighting: The Final Touch in Crafting Ambience

A carefully conceived lighting plan provides the finishing touches to FM House. It serves a dual purpose: to enchant and to function. Scenic lighting ignites emotions, drawing attention to the thoughtful blend of the old and new, while more pragmatic solutions ensure the space remains usable and inviting at all times. This dual lighting approach not only highlights the exceptional design work by NOE9 but also enhances the living experience within the historical yet modern FM House.

Through a harmonious blend of past and present, FM House stands as a testament to innovative thinking and design prowess, redefining what it means to live amidst history in the heart of Milan.

Photography by Sara Magni
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- by Matt Watts