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Monochrome Apartment: Transforming Spaces in Moscow’s Heart

FeaturedElegant living room with recessed lighting, modern furnishings, and French doors leading to a balcony.

Discover the Monochrome Apartment in Moscow, a 120 square meter (1291 square feet) haven of modern, timeless design. Dreamt up for a young couple and brought to life by Alisa Shabelnikova, this space combines practicality with vision. From the bright living areas accented by large windows to the cohesive flow between rooms, every detail reflects careful planning. The use of warm whites against dark walnut furnishings accentuates the apartment’s airy feel, making it a standout in contemporary interior design.

MYNZ3: A Duplex in Tel Aviv with Stunning Sea and City Views

Sleek monochromatic living space with a dog on the sofa.

Discover MYNZ3, a duplex apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Studio ETN. Spanning 105 square meters, this property merges industrial charm with luxurious living. Its unique structure offers views of the sea, Jaffa, and Tel Aviv’s skyline. Studio ETN‘s innovative design includes a spacious kitchen, two bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms, enhancing hospitality and family life.

Casa Inversa: A Modern Reimagining of Space in Valencia

Modern dining room with wooden table, chairs, pendant lights, and art piece.

Discover Casa Inversa, a transformative apartment project in Valencia, Spain, by Destudio Arquitectura. Designed in 2023, this apartment flips traditional living spaces to adapt to a new family dynamic. It features integrated kitchen and living areas with innovative use of glass and light, alongside private night zones. Emphasizing art and custom finishes, it offers a fresh take on comfortable, stylish living.