House by the Sea: A Modern Coastal Dream in Estoril

Discover the “House by the Sea” in Estoril, Portugal, a stunning example of contemporary architecture designed by Andrea Chicharo in 2023. This residence combines elegance, functionality, and a coastal vibe, featuring expansive windows that showcase breathtaking seascape views, and a design that harmoniously blends indoor and outdoor spaces.

Bright open-plan living space with seamless indoor-outdoor transition.
Contemporary living room with wooden finishes and large windows.
Contemporary living room with ocean view and sleek furnishings.
Contemporary dining room with geometric wall design and wooden table.
Contemporary living room with sleek furniture and wood paneling.
Modern hallway with wooden walls and flooring, leading to a dining area.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, marble floor, and a small dining table.
Modern bedroom with beige walls, white bed linen, and sheer curtains.
Modern bathroom vanity with mirror, wall sconces, and wooden accents.
Modern bathroom with wooden vanity, marble walls, and lit mirror.

About House by the Sea

Coastal Elegance Meets Modern Living

Nestled in the serene cliffs of Estoril, Portugal, the “House by the Sea” emerges as a beacon of contemporary architecture. Designed in 2023 by the vision of Andrea Chicharo, it encompasses elegance and functionality, mirroring the coastal vibe. The residence greets visitors with expansive windows that frame the stunning seascape, inviting an interplay of natural light and open space in the living area. Inside, a minimalist yet warm palette complements the maritime serenity outside.

Refined Simplicity in Design

Transitioning from the scenic outdoor view, the interior reveals a living room designed with meticulous attention to detail. Neutral tones and wooden accents foster a sense of calm, while bespoke furniture pieces offer both comfort and style. The dining area, adjacent to the living space, features a statement partition wall—a geometric marvel—that subtly defines the room without disrupting the flow.

Harmonious Interiors for Sophisticated Living

As we proceed, the kitchen’s flawless white cabinetry and sleek countertops highlight Chicharo’s commitment to modernity and functionality. Bathrooms, adorned with marble and oak, showcase a luxurious yet understated aesthetic. In the bedroom, the soft textiles and delicate art pieces create a tranquil haven, promising restful slumber. Each room, a chapter in this architectural narrative, encapsulates Chicharo’s ethos: harmony with nature through thoughtful design.

Photography courtesy of Andrea Chicharo
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- by Matt Watts