Casa VB: Blending Modern Simplicity with Florence’s Rich Heritage

Discover Casa VB, a minimalist house nestled in Florence’s Santa Croce neighborhood. Designed by Deferrari+Modesti in 2023, this modern oasis combines spacious living areas with private quarters, all adorned in white plaster and oak parquet. Explore how this Italian masterpiece redefines contemporary living within a historic setting.

Bright Scandinavian-style dining room with wooden bookshelf partition and two people chatting.
View through a doorway of a bright dining room with a wooden table and chairs.
Bright room with bookshelf, wooden floors, and a red chair.
Bright living room with modern furniture and a person on stairs.
Contemporary kitchen with wooden shelves, white cabinetry, and a gas stove.
Bright hallway with wooden bookshelf, hardwood floor, and white walls.
Bright minimalist bedroom with white bedding, large window, and paper lantern.
Bright home office with desk, computer, bookshelf, and window with a view
Minimalist bathroom with white tiles, wooden vanity, and a yellow towel.

About Casa VB

A Modern Oasis in Historic Florence

Nestled in the heart of Santa Croce, Casa VB stands as a testament to contemporary living within the historic tapestry of Florence. Designed in 2023 by the imaginative duo Deferrari+Modesti, this house blends functionality with pure aesthetic pleasure.

Upon entering, visitors encounter an ingenious wooden volume-filter. It delineates space without compromising the flow of natural light. This feature thoughtfully separates the entryway from the new, pristine kitchen. Here, white surfaces and custom cabinetry echo the minimalist ethos that defines the home.

Fluid Living Spaces

Moving into the bright, expansive living room, the eye is drawn to the oak parquet that extends across the Casa’s floor. This space is imbued with an airy simplicity, with large windows inviting the outside in. A single-flight staircase, clad in the same warm wood, spirals to the private sitting and guest areas above.

The design’s centerpiece, a large bookcase, stands as a cultural beacon amidst the open layout. It’s a division that connects rather than divides, enabling interaction between the dining area and spaces beyond.

Private Quarters with a View

Privacy remains sacred in Casa VB. An arched opening heralds the sleeping quarters, instilling a serene atmosphere. The master bedroom, bathed in white with oak accents, mirrors the home’s uncluttered philosophy. Daylight dances through the windows, augmenting the room’s tranquil ambiance.

Adjoining, the office exemplifies a functional yet visually harmonious workspace. Double workstations rise against an inspiration-laden backdrop—bookshelves, art, and greenery throughout.

In the bathroom, the design language persists with clean lines and light oak vanities. Grid tiles add texture and subtle contrast, demonstrating attention to detail that’s both refreshing and understated.

Deferrari+Modesti’s Casa VB in Florence artfully balances a professional and personal sanctuary with monastic simplicity at its core, creating a modern retreat that speaks volumes through its minimalism.

Photography by Anna Positano
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- by Matt Watts