Leonard Street: A Peek into NYC’s Minimalist Luxury Apartment

Discover Leonard Street, designed by Vanessa Lessa for mg12 in 2020. This New York apartment embodies minimalist elegance with its serene interiors and luxurious, discreet charm. With its airy spaces, clean lines, and the exquisite Sofia Table, it redefines sophisticated living in the city’s heart.

Sleek high-rise living room with large windows and city view.
Chic urban apartment with open-plan living space and city views.
Chic urban living room with bubble chandelier and minimalist decor.
Modern living room with city view, chic decor, and kitchen area.
Modern bedroom with city view, large bed, artwork on walls, and a yellow
Modern bedroom with city view, desk, bed, and concrete column.
Modern balcony with chair, glass railing, and city view.
Modern bathroom interior with a freestanding tub by a window showcasing city views.

About Leonard Street

Discover Minimalist Elegance at Leonard Street

In the pulsating heart of New York City, Leonard Street stands as a beacon of minimalist elegance and discreet luxury. Designed in 2020 by the talented Vanessa Lessa for mg12, this apartment encapsulates a contemporary yet refined aesthetic. It harmonizes modernity with timeless comfort, setting a new standard for sophisticated urban living.

Clean lines and airy spaces define the interior, creating an aura of serenity and sophistication. Precision in every detail ensures an unmatched residential experience, amidst the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The living space features the exquisite Sofia Table by mg12, crafted from premium wood. This iconic piece adds a touch of class and style, representing the perfect synergy between functionality and timeless design.

From the windows, breathtaking cityscapes unfold. The view sweeps across majestic skyscrapers and twinkling lights, offering a unique tableau that blends seamlessly with the interior’s elegance.

Leonard Street is more than just an apartment—it’s a tranquil oasis of sophistication in the metropolitan heart. Here, luxury and minimalism converge to create a timeless living experience unlike any other.

Photography courtesy of mg12
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- by Matt Watts