Modern Ranch by Langoworks

Modern ranch house designed by Langoworks is situated in the Los Angeles, California, United States.

Contemporary house with pool and mountain backdrop.
Contemporary house with white exterior and large overhangs.
Modern living room with large windows overlooking mountains.
Modern living room with wooden shelves, fireplace, and staircase.
Modern kitchen interior with marble countertop and sunlight.
Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, large windows, and wooden cabinets.
Modern single-story house with large windows in front of a hill.
Modern pool house with reflection in the swimming pool.
Elegant house with pool at twilight, mountains in the background.

About Modern Ranch

Nestled in the rolling hills of Los Angeles, California, Modern Ranch stands as a testament to the seamless blend of contemporary design within a ranch-style real estate. Langoworks, a visionary in modern architecture, has sculpted this residential masterpiece, infusing the natural landscape with a home that is both a sanctuary and a statement.

A Harmonious Modern Homestead

As one approaches Modern Ranch, the striking juxtaposition of modern linear architecture against the organic contours of the Los Angeles hills beckons. Conceived by Langoworks and completed in the recent past, the ranch’s exterior is a marvel of minimalistic design. Crisp white walls and expansive windows break the monotony of the traditional ranch silhouette, while the clear blue pool mirrors the vast California sky.

Transitioning from the sweeping outdoors, the grandeur persists within. A spacious living room greets with high-beamed ceilings and wide glass doors that frame the picturesque outside. The neutral palette is a canvas for the interplay of light and shadow throughout the day, accentuating the meticulous details that define Langoworks’ design ethos.

Intimate Interiors: A Dialogue of Design and Comfort

Each room is a chapter in a story of elegance and simplicity. In the heart of the home, the kitchen’s state-of-the-art appliances and sleek cabinetry are a nod to the modernist approach. Moving through, the bathrooms echo the home’s serene aesthetic; floor-to-ceiling windows invite the outside in, complementing the freestanding bathtub’s promise of relaxation.

The living spaces, articulated with bespoke furniture and subtle accents, foster a sense of warmth amidst modernity. Here, Langoworks’ prowess is unmistakable, as each design choice serves both function and form without compromise.

A Confluence of Style and Serenity

Modern Ranch does not simply house occupants; it immerses them in a lifestyle. The outdoor living areas, designed for both reflection and entertainment, are extensions of the interior’s philosophy. Langoworks’ Modern Ranch is more than a home; it’s a harmonious retreat, masterfully designed, and perfectly placed in the tranquility of Los Angeles. It stands as a beacon of modern design, inviting those who seek unpretentious luxury merged with the calm of ranch living.

Photography by Lango Works

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- by Matt Watts