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Kabuchin Penthouse: A Hanoi Haven of Adventure & Style

Modern dining area with textured ceiling, wooden cabinetry, and sleek chairs.

Kabuchin Penthouse in Hanoi, Vietnam, skillfully renovated by Idee Architects Vietnam in 2023, exemplifies an innovative blend of midcentury modern and contemporary design. Tailored for a dynamic family life, the apartment features an elevated mezzanine for children, play areas, and ingenious hidden doors, evoking the excitement of Indiana Jones. The clever use of space integrates functional rooms into a distinctive stone wall, crafting a cave-like ambiance while offering expansive views. This creative sanctuary caters to the adventurous spirit of a young, active family.

S-Hill Villa Tuan Chau: A Majestic House in Ha Long Bay

S-Hill Villa Tuan Chau: A Majestic House in Ha Long Bay

S-Hill Villa Tuan Chau, a stunning house located on the hillside of Tuan Chau Island, near Hạ Long, Vietnam, is the latest project of Idee Architects Vietnam.

This 500 square-meter house, designed in 2020, offers an incredible view of the beautiful Ha Long Bay, one of the wonders of Vietnam. With a 270-degree view, an infinity swimming pool, and six bedrooms all with a nice view to the sea, this is a house you will never forget.