Cam Hai House by Idee Architects Vietnam

This modern single-story house located in Cam Ranh, Vietnam, has been designed in 2019 by Idee Architects Vietnam.


Located on the West of Dam Thuy Trieu, Cam Ranh – the South Central of Vietnam, in the area of 2 ha, including a shrimp farms in the front and the garden area surrounding. In the area there is an old special mango garden facing the effect of urbanization and climate change.
The view from the top of rock hill sloping down where the main house is located opening a vivid landscape picture and the imposing earth and sky.

With the desertification mango garden, a little rainfall – only two months per year and the salinization of watersource make famers hard in cultivating the traditional special mango trees. In parallel, with the sale of sand to backfill for the surrounding tourism projects. Architects make use of expanding the effecting scope of the work to remain and restore the surrounding landscape. Together with the retain water solutions, recycling the used water and irrigation water to make the reservoirs to irrigate the surrounding gardens.

Formed from the idea, architecture idea connecting to the surrounding landscape and nature. The buldings which is on two blocks stacked on one another, with the long block is located on the highest height of the land. The stone road leads from the gate to widen more the place where you can see the whole of the imposing landscape.

According to Vietnamese traditional solutions, we have a large porch in the Southest, a large terrace overlooking and thick stone walls to insulate the west of the building. The stone walls also contribute to make the harmonization with the surrounding landscape. The porch with a frame creates a vivid nature picture, a cover for insulation porch.

From the top, the roof, the swimming pool, the courtyard with rectagular volumes harmonize with the the shape of surrounding shrimp farms.

At first the house was designed with green roof on the roof-top to insulate, however the Architects decided to use the solution of retaining rainwater for living, replacing by the water circulation on the roof to cool. The rainwater is retained in large underground tank for daily living, meanwhile expanding large lakes to take the advantages of terrrain to retain rainwater for irrigation. Thereby providing enough water source to recultivating the traditional mango garden in the dry months without rain.

The house is located on the hill top with big rocks above. Under the only old traditional mango tree left in the garden, overlooking the distant mountain range. The 3.2m fullly high and wide glass doors were used to miminize the footprint, as well as allow to completely open the large corners.

Photography by Trieu Chien

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- by Matt Watts

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