Penthouse B73: Luxury Rooftop Residence in Sofia

Penthouse B73, a stunning residential project in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a testament to the exceptional design prowess of CAST Studio. Nestled atop a luxurious apartment building, this lavish two-level apartment boasts breathtaking views of Vitosha Mountain, complemented by its meticulously crafted interior spaces. Featuring a lofty atrium, a central fireplace, and a range of premium finishes, this contemporary residence exemplifies the pinnacle of modern living.

Sleek, modern living room with gray sofa, angular wooden staircase, and vibrant lighting.
Sleek, modern kitchen with striking marble countertops and wood cabinetry; a spiral staircase leads to an upper level.
Sleek modern kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows, contrasting wood and marble finishes.
Sleek modern interior with geometric lighting, wood accents, and black marble countertop.
A modern, spiral staircase with wood treads and a curved, illuminated handrail.
A modern, open-concept living space with sleek, curved architectural elements and lighting.
Sleek, modern interior design with spiral staircase, geometric shelving, and wooden desk.

About Penthouse B73

Nestled within the prestigious James Baucher Blvd. in Sofia, Bulgaria, Penthouse B73 stands as a shining beacon of contemporary design. Crafted by the renowned CAST Studio, this exceptional apartment occupies the top two floors of a luxurious residential building.

Breathtaking Vistas and Architectural Artistry

Penthouse B73 boasts mesmerizing views of the Vitosha Mountain, offering residents a panoramic glimpse of the city’s natural splendor. Moreover, the apartment’s interior showcases a harmonious blend of artistic vision and exceptional attention to detail, featuring top-tier finishing materials that elevate the living experience.

A Harmonious Blend of Functionality and Elegance

Spanning over 2,235 square feet (207 square meters), this luxurious residence comprises a spacious living area, three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a dedicated office space with a relaxation zone, and a utility room. The crowning glory lies in the expansive terraces – a 27 square meter (290 square feet) terrace on the first level and a magnificent 104 square meter (1,119 square feet) rooftop terrace, both offering breathtaking 360-degree views of the cityscape and the mountain.

Harmonious Design and Cutting-Edge Technology

The apartment’s interiors seamlessly blend warm and inviting oak parquet flooring with a refined black-and-white palette, accentuated by expressive design elements. The kitchen, adorned with walnut veneer and black-and-white marble, overlooks the stunning city views. A centerpiece of the space is the Corian-crafted staircase and fireplace, which combines precision geometry and custom molds to create a striking visual statement.

A Technologically-Advanced Sanctuary

Penthouse B73 is equipped with a cutting-edge ‘Smart Home’ system, ensuring the utmost convenience and security for its residents. Featuring concealed heating and cooling units, as well as an entrance door with a fingerprint sensor, this apartment blends modern technology with timeless elegance.

A Truly Unique Penthouse Experience

Designed in 2023, Penthouse B73 in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a stunning testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and design vision of CAST Studio. This luxurious apartment offers its residents a truly unique and elevated living experience, seamlessly integrating breathtaking views, architectural artistry, and state-of-the-art technology.

Photography courtesy of CAST Studio
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- by Matt Watts