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Penthouse B73: Luxury Rooftop Residence in Sofia

Sleek, modern kitchen with striking marble countertops and wood cabinetry; a spiral staircase leads to an upper level.

Penthouse B73, a stunning residential project in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a testament to the exceptional design prowess of CAST Studio. Nestled atop a luxurious apartment building, this lavish two-level apartment boasts breathtaking views of Vitosha Mountain, complemented by its meticulously crafted interior spaces. Featuring a lofty atrium, a central fireplace, and a range of premium finishes, this contemporary residence exemplifies the pinnacle of modern living.

Warton Residence: A Grand Revival of a 1960s Beach House

FeaturedWarton Residence: A Grand Revival of a 1960s Beach House

Experience the magnificent transformation of the Warton Residence, a three-story house in Perth, Australia. Carefully curated by Cast Studio in 2022, this contemporary house retains the charm of its 1960s roots.

Set in the serene vicinity of South Cottesloe beach, the home, once a beige brick ‘renovator’s delight’, has been reinvented into a coastal gem, thoughtfully blending privacy and the luxury of natural light.

Curtin Residence: Redefining Residential Extensions

Curtin Residence: Redefining Residential Extensions

Discover the charm of minimalist living in the Curtin Residence, a remarkable residential extension nestled in the heart of Perth, Australia. Masterfully designed by Cast Studio in 2022, this property defies conventional design concepts with its ingenious utilization of daylight and spatial orientation, offering an invigorating blend of functional elegance and contemporary style.

Celebrating the vibrant hues of Western Australia’s azure sky and fostering a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding landscape, this daylight-bathed sanctuary, primarily built with brick walls and steel roofs, is an epitome of cost-effective construction that both complements and reimagines its existing Californian Bungalow.