Embrace Connect Purify by Bean Buro

Located in Clear Water Bay in Hong Kong, this luxurious 2,500 sq ft duplex apartment has been designed in 2019 by Bean Buro.

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The Brief: A High-Quality Design for Wellbeing

Bean Buro was tasked by the Hong Kong developer New World Development to design a luxurious duplex show apartment at Mount Pavilia, Clear Water Bay in Hong Kong. The project would showcase innovative visions and set a high standard for residential designs driven by wellbeing concepts.

The generous internal space of around 2,500sqft (232sqm) across two floors would provide four bedrooms on the upper floor: a family en-suite, a master bedroom, a children’s room, and a guest en-suite. The lower level features a large dining and living room which can open up fully to a large outdoor terrace, a fully equipped kitchen and open pantry bar with smart home automation systems.

The Narrative: A Ritualistic Experience

Our concept was to ‘embrace, connect and purify’, an architectural approach that created cosy volumes on the upper floor that would embrace with one another, connecting a dramatic staircase to the lower floor social space with an external terrace. The resulting composition is a ritualistic sequence that would ‘purify’ the minds of the users, to create a calming and tranquil experience at home.

The Process: Innovating Bespoke Details

The design involved a large amount of bespoke joinery, from significant functional elements such as built-in furniture to small delicate details such as handles and display shelves. The architectural language explored the use of timber slats to create a sense of movement, verticality and continuity on the central circulation walls and staircase void of the apartment. The finesse of these details using high-quality materials required a rigorous process of drawing and prototyping with the joinery workshop to ensure the best results.

The Solution: A Technique of Slats & Curves

The design involved the definition of a set of ‘main characters’. Firstly, the voluptuous rooms on the upper floor are wrapped with an outer skin of full height timber slats, which creates a sense of warmth and cosiness. Secondly the timber slats would form the circulatory spaces, incorporated with concealed storage, open niche displays, and in-wall fabric seating functions. These timber slats would continue into the staircase void, resulting in a dramatic vertical experience that connects both floors. Subtle lighting incorporated at a high level of these timber slats creates a sublime and transcending effect.

Thirdly, a unique green marble finish used along a long wall forms the main characteristic of the lower floor social space. The green marble has a unique grain and pattern, which would create a dialogue with the external greenery. The centre-piece of the dining area is a bespoke ‘Bean Table’ design, also made in the same green marble with a ‘book matching’ pattern with the main wall, as the focal artistic statement. The table is fittingly paired with a set of solid timber chairs, the curvy Stabellö chair by Japanese designer Tomato Azumi.

At various internal wall partitions across the apartment, circular openings in the wall create playful thresholds between different rooms, allowing visual glimpses of activities and framing of picturesque ornaments.

The Materials: An Elegant Play of High-Quality Materials

The material finishes are kept subtle and minimal, using the occasional textured fabric, stones or metal details to create accentuations. The primary material of high-quality timber is complemented by other secondary wall finishes such as a rustic warm grey textured paint, and flat white colours to achieve contrasts and balance.

The choices of artwork and decorations were to be state-of-the-art, which involved an exhaustive period of specification and coordination with a large number of renowned manufacturers and suppliers. These included floral arrangements by a modern Japanese Ikebana artist, lounge rug from Tai Ping, and various furniture from Tacchini and Mogg. Environmental friendly products were chosen wherever feasible.

Wellbeing designs: Home Automation with Circadian Lighting

Prioritising users’ wellbeing, we used natural material finishes with circadian lighting systems – colour temperature and intensity that changes according to the time of day to adapt to the user’s body clock. We also integrated smart home automation technologies with Alexa voice control to improve accessibility and ease of use throughout the apartment, such as the control of lighting scenes.

Photography courtesy of Bean Buro

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- by Matt Watts