Villa in Ningbo by DA Group

Villa in Ningbo is a luxurious duplex apartment designed by DA Group located in Nigbo, China.

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About Villa in Ningbo

Revolutionizing Design at Providence Place

DA Group, a leader in innovative design, recently embarked on the “PROVIDENCE PLACE” project for Jingrui Real Estate Group. Nestled in Ningbo, China, this model villa masterfully combines functionality and aesthetics, thereby setting a new standard for a luxurious lifestyle, enhanced by elegant, entry-level furniture.

Embracing Minimalism to Maximize Space

Adopting a minimalist approach, the designers effectively created a space that’s both dynamic and diverse. In addition, they focused on utilizing every inch of the duplex space to enhance privacy and functionality.

Moreover, the living room showcases a royal blue sofa that beautifully complements the black marble. Similarly, the TV wall, adorned with gray cracked marbles, radiates charm and elegance. Furthermore, the space is accentuated with pure copper lines, luxurious stones, and strategically placed lighting, all contributing to a subtly noble atmosphere.

Infusing Elegance in Every Corner

In the dining area, tranquility reigns supreme. The marble table’s texture aligns perfectly with the room’s color palette, creating a warm and welcoming ambience. Additionally, the corridor extends this theme, with calming colors that reflect a sophisticated, low-profile luxury lifestyle, rich in both warmth and freedom.

The master suite, equipped with a private bathroom and extensive clothing storage, caters to the demands of high-quality living. Also, its design, echoing the living room’s simplicity, strikes a notable balance. The bed, emphasizing comfort, features soft padding and pillows made of plush cotton.

In the little girl’s room, the designers ingeniously used bright colors and charming designs to craft a delightful wonderland. Conversely, the boy’s room prioritizes privacy and personal taste, resulting in a unique space for music and relaxation.

Finally, the mezzanine area, reimagined as a home bar and cinema, smartly employs stainless steel with a mirror finish to expand the perceived space. This choice not only enhances the room’s dimensions but also adds a dynamic touch to the overall material placement. To emphasize luxury, the designers opted for a golden finish on the stainless steel, perfectly matched with a striking red, curved velvet sofa, thus creating an unexpectedly dramatic effect.

The bar area, inviting and intimate, offers a perfect setting for small gatherings, where friends and family can enjoy wine and movies in a cozy environment. Through this project, DA Group has not only redefined luxury but also captured the essence of a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle.

Photography by ThreeImages

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- by Matt Watts