Evening Fogs by MSWW

Evening Fogs is an inspiring single-family house located in Gdansk, Poland, designed in 2017 by MSWW.

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About Evening Fogs

Modern Living at Evening Fogs

Nestled in Gdansk, Poland, “Evening Fogs” emerges as a modern marvel. Designed by MSWW in 2017, the home marries natural beauty with architectural finesse. As one enters, the living room welcomes with its spacious embrace, where a striking blue chair adds a dash of vibrancy against the muted palette.

The Heart of the Home: Kitchen and Dining

Transitioning from the living room, the kitchen unfolds with sleek functionality, boasting clean lines and a bold floor pattern. Moreover, the adjoining dining space, highlighted by a minimalist wooden table and elegant pendant lights, offers a seamless flow for entertaining and family meals.

Creative and Comfortable Children’s Rooms

Additionally, the children’s rooms radiate creativity and fun. The first room pairs a whimsical light display with a snug bed, inviting imagination. Similarly, the second room offers a versatile space, balancing areas for play and study, underscoring the thoughtful design that MSWW is known for.

Although not shown, we can envision the master bedroom as a sanctuary of calm, likely continuing the home’s sleek design narrative with its refined color scheme and streamlined furniture, ensuring restful nights.

Lastly, the bathroom culminates the home tour with its spa-like ambiance. Here, the skylight illuminates the pristine white fixtures and wooden details, fostering a tranquil retreat that offers respite and luxury, thus completing the journey through this modern abode. Each room, distinct in its function, is united by the fluidity of design and an overarching sense of harmony that defines “Evening Fogs.”

Photography courtesy of MSWW

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- by Matt Watts