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Apartment Powisle: Redefining Modern Living in Warsaw

FeaturedModern living room with a gray sofa, orange chair, and large windows.

Discover Apartment Powisle, a modern masterpiece designed by Indoor in 2022, nestled in Warsaw, Poland. This apartment embodies contemporary elegance, from its artful living spaces to the sophisticated kitchen and tranquil bedroom. Designed with luxury and comfort in mind, every corner tells a story of upscale urban living, making it a pinnacle of modern real estate.

Collector’s Apartment: A Peek Inside Warsaw’s Most Elegant Residence

Modern living room with colorful furniture and a large bookshelf.

Discover the Collector’s Apartment in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Indoor in 2017. This apartment embodies a seamless blend of historical charm and contemporary elegance. Showcasing a collector’s dream, the design features artful lighting, expansive windows, and a mix of rustic and modern details. Perfect for those passionate about design, it offers a luxurious balance between comfort and style.

Eternal Spring: Where Vintage Meets Modern

Modern bedroom with a large textured artwork above the headboard and warm-tone accents.

Discover Eternal Spring, a semi-detached house in Wrocław, Poland, meticulously designed by Wojtyczka Pracownia Projektowa. Tailored for an energetic couple and their feline companions, this home merges contemporary with vintage flair.

A sprawling garden extends the living space, flooded with natural light, setting a stage for the rich, colorful interiors envisioned by the owners. From the kitchen, adorned in blue and copper, to the Art Deco-inspired privacy of the upstairs, every corner of Eternal Spring vibrates with life and warmth, embodying a year-round spring ambiance.

Corner House: Redefining Modern Living

Corner House: Redefining Modern Living

Unveiling the Corner House in Łaziska Górne, Poland: a 2023 creation by GIGAarchitekci that redefines modern architecture. This one-story home, set amidst lush fields, features a unique triangular design optimizing privacy and garden connectivity.

With its full-height glazed garden view, sophisticated interior, and striking grey concrete facade, the Corner House is a perfect blend of style and serenity, offering a modern retreat in a tranquil setting.

Slopeside House: Where Elegance and Engineering Collide

FeaturedSlopeside House: Where Elegance and Engineering Collide

Explore Slopeside House in Poznań, Poland, designed by Wrzeszcz Architekci. This unique house merges with its natural escarpment setting, offering stunning views and modern design. The ground floor boasts an integrated living space with a panoramic glass frame, leading to an outdoor terrace. Below, find a garage, children’s rooms, and a sauna with garden access. The house features innovative levitating corners and a striking black frame, set against lush greenery.

KPM Apartment: A Blend of Comfort and Elegance

KPM Apartment: A Blend of Comfort and Elegance

KPM Apartment, designed by Raca Studio in 2022, presents a contemporary living space nestled in the heart of Gdańsk, Poland. This modern apartment embodies a seamless blend of style and functionality, reflecting the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. With its thoughtful design and attention to detail, KPM Apartment offers an elegant and comfortable urban living experience, showcasing the latest trends in interior design.

M128 Apartment: Urban Living, Natural Palette

M128 Apartment: Urban Living, Natural Palette

In Katowice, Poland, the M128 Apartment stands as a modernist tribute to the country’s natural beauty. Designed in 2022 by Widawscy Studio Architektury, this rental space draws inspiration from the stunning “Polish Regions” poster series by artist Kasia Nowakowska. The interior palette reflects the outdoors, with green hues, natural materials, and arches mirroring the terrain’s contours. Even the bathroom features raw concrete, lending an edgy contrast to the apartment’s organic essence.