Modernist Apartment in Gdynia: Preserving Architectural Heritage

Gdynia, Poland is home to a remarkable modernist apartment that seamlessly blends the past and present. Designed by the talented team at Em2 Pracownia Projektowa in 2023, this apartment in the city’s Wzgórze Maksymiliana district showcases a thoughtful integration of vintage and contemporary elements. By respecting the historical character of the 1950s building, the designers have created a functional and visually captivating space that celebrates the unique aesthetics of Gdynia’s modernist architecture.

Cozy and inviting living room with minimalist white shelving, plush sofa, and parquet flooring.
A modern, minimalist bookshelf with a variety of decor and a sleek black side table.
Minimalist kitchen with wooden cabinets, checkered floor, and a decorative light fixture.
Modern kitchen with sleek wooden cabinets, pendant lighting, and a checkered tile floor.
Minimalist hallway with herringbone wood flooring and a framed artwork on the wall.
Cozy home office with wooden desk, cane chair, and abstract art on the wall.
Modern bathroom with minimalist white vanity, wooden accents, and oval mirror.
Minimalist bathroom with built-in storage, checkered flooring, and sleek white fixtures.

About Modernist Apartment in Gdynia

Located in Gdynia’s Wzgórze Maksymiliana, this modernist apartment showcases a captivating blend of historic charm and contemporary flair. Designed by the talented team at Em2 Pracownia Projektowa, this project celebrates the architectural heritage of the 1950s while catering to the needs of its discerning residents.

Redefining Functionality

The designers thoughtfully reconfigured the apartment’s layout, merging the kitchen and living room to foster a more connected, integrated living experience. A subtle visual boundary, created by retaining a fragment of the original wall, adds depth and character to the space. Additionally, the strategic use of a mirror visually enlarges the kitchen, amplifying the sense of openness.

Harmonizing Past and Present

Acknowledging the clients’ appreciation for history and aesthetics, the designers seamlessly incorporated vintage furnishings that harmonize with modern elements. This fusion of the old and the new imbues the interior with a unique personality, striking a perfect balance between functionality and personal charm.

Thoughtful Design Details

The custom-designed bookshelf in the living room, with its rounded corners, adds a soft, organic quality to the space. Strategically placed in a wall niche, it maximizes the room’s limited square footage (approx. 215 square feet or 20 square meters).

In the bathroom, the distinctive checkerboard tile pattern, which also appears in the kitchen, creates a cohesive visual flow throughout the apartment. Despite the small size of the bathroom (around 43 square feet or 4 square meters), the designers managed to incorporate a walk-in shower, demonstrating their clever use of space.

A Captivating Focal Point

The most unexpected and captivating element of the design is the bedroom wall. The designers stripped it of paint and plaster, revealing an extraordinary, Van Gogh-esque pattern that evokes impressionist artistry. The harmonious, delicate yellow tones create a remarkable atmosphere, making this wall the undisputed focal point of the space.

Preserving Architectural Heritage

By respecting the modernist character of the building and thoughtfully integrating the past with the present, the designers have crafted an exceptional living space that celebrates Gdynia’s architectural heritage. This apartment stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of modernist design and the remarkable talents of Em2 Pracownia Projektowa.

Photography by Hanna Połczyńska
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- by Matt Watts