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Modernist Apartment in Gdynia: Preserving Architectural Heritage

Minimalist kitchen with wooden cabinets, checkered floor, and a decorative light fixture.

Gdynia, Poland is home to a remarkable modernist apartment that seamlessly blends the past and present. Designed by the talented team at Em2 Pracownia Projektowa in 2023, this apartment in the city’s Wzgórze Maksymiliana district showcases a thoughtful integration of vintage and contemporary elements. By respecting the historical character of the 1950s building, the designers have created a functional and visually captivating space that celebrates the unique aesthetics of Gdynia’s modernist architecture.

Monochrome: Minimalist House Design from Maka Studio

FeaturedModern minimalist bathroom design with concrete walls, freestanding tub, dual vanity.

Maka Studio‘s captivating Monochrome project in Gdynia, Poland, showcases a luxurious house that embodies domestic minimalism.

The open-concept living room and kitchen, framed by large windows, create a serene, monochromatic atmosphere that seamlessly integrates the surrounding greenery. Bespoke furnishings in black glass and burnt Shou Sugi Ban wood add striking contrast, while the bedroom’s open-plan design and direct garden access foster a tranquil oasis.