Manor 54 in The Ritz-Carlton: Luxury Dining Redefined

Manor 54, located on the 54th floor of The Ritz-Carlton in Harbin, China, is a testament to luxury and design. Designed by AB Concept in 2022, this all-day dining restaurant combines opulent European conservatory elements with intricate Chinese influences. The blend of bronze metal lattices and turquoise stained glass sets a new benchmark for restaurant interiors, inviting guests into a world of sophisticated dining and exquisite ambiance.

Lavish interior with intricate tile work, glass chandeliers, and a scenic view through large windows.
Impressive high-ceilinged lounge with ornate chandeliers, mosaic columns, and elegant furnishings.
Elegant dining area with arched brick walls, ornate lighting, and stylish furnishings.
A spacious, cozy lounge area with wooden beams, plush seating, and panoramic views.
Impressive architectural design featuring arched entrances, wooden latticed ceiling, and eclectic furnishings.
Luxurious modern interior with wooden beams, chandelier lighting, and plush seating.
Warm-toned wood ceiling and walls, patterned upholstery, open kitchen layout.
Ornate ceiling with intricate wooden pattern and elegant chandelier in a luxurious dining area.
Elegant restaurant interior with ornate chandeliers, rich textures, and expansive windows.
Ornate dining room with circular chandelier, patterned wall panels, and vibrant artwork.
A luxurious living room with a plush gray sofa, abstract artwork, and a sleek lighting fixture.
Ornate, ornate ceiling and walls with intricate patterns and lighting fixtures, creating a lavish, grand interior design.

About Manor 54

A Grand Entrance to Culinary Elegance

Perched on the 54th floor of The Ritz-Carlton Harbin, Manor 54, designed by AB Concept in 2022, invites guests through a magnificent glass pavilion. The entrance, reminiscent of a sophisticated European conservatory, seamlessly integrates into the lobby lounge. Here, opulent bronze metal lattices and turquoise stained-glass features echo the lavishness of a bygone era. Manor 54, an all-day dining restaurant, marks a new standard for luxury dining and design in Harbin, China.

Sophistication Meets Comfort

Stepping inside, visitors find themselves in a realm where blues and bronzes captivate the eye. Luxurious pendant lights dangle from an ornately detailed ceiling, casting a soft glow on the checkerboard flooring. Alongside, blue porcelain sceneries painted on shelving panels narrate stories with Chinese heritage. The juxtaposition of classical European elements with Asian artistry creates an ambiance both exclusive and welcoming.

An Urbane Dining Experience

Each dining space within Manor 54 unfolds with its own character. The main area boasts a modern open kitchen, surrounded by a mélange of plush seating options. Guests can relish an intimate meal in the private dining room, crowned with a striking chandelier that perfectly complements the table below. For those seeking a cozy retreat, the lounge area’s soft sofas provide a relaxing enclave, with a soothing color palette that enhances the calmness of the luxurious space.

Embodying the essence of upscale dining, Manor 54 offers a sumptuous aesthetic that beautifully marries European charm with Chinese sophistication. AB Concept’s meticulous design for The Ritz-Carlton Harbin sets a new benchmark in the world of high-end restaurant interiors.

Photography courtesy of AB Concept

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- by Matt Watts