The Blue Line Apartment: Tranquility Meets Modern Living

Discover The Blue Line Apartment in Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran, designed by Asooarch Company in 2024. This apartment uniquely caters to living, working, and leisure needs with innovative spatial segmentation and a fresh, modern aesthetic. Experience how movable elements and a serene color palette merge functionality with privacy in an urban setting.

Spacious modern living room with sleek wooden cabinetry, plush sofa, and recessed lighting.
Contemporary open-plan living space with wooden cabinetry, tiled flooring, and a comfortable sofa.
Bright, open-concept living space with wooden accents, glass table, and tiled accent wall.
Sleek bathroom design with turquoise tiles, wooden accents, and a floating vanity top.
Sleek modern interior with wood accents, textured green tiles, and overhead ventilation.
Sleek and modern interior design with wooden panels, glass elements, and a circular light fixture.
A modern hotel room interior featuring sleek wood paneling, recessed lighting, and a large bed.
A modern bathroom interior with bold green tile walls, sleek fixtures, and recessed lighting.
A modern, minimalist workspace with a sleek glass table, wooden walls, and recessed lighting.
Modern, minimalist foyer with sleek stairs, planter, and decorative vases.
Spacious home gym with wooden ceiling beams, tiled pool, and sleek modern design.
Sleek, modern gym interior with curved wooden ceiling panels, blue tiles, and workout equipment.
A modern, minimalist interior design featuring wooden slats, a living wall, and vibrant blue tiles.
A modern bathroom with minimalist design, featuring a blue tiled wall and floating vanity.

About The Blue Line Apartment

Revolutionizing Small Space Living

The Blue Line Apartment in Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran, redesigned by Asooarch Company in 2024, serves as a quintessential example of modern apartment living. It skillfully addresses the combined requirements of living, working, and leisure within a compact area. The strategic division into three main zones—residential, professional, and leisure—ensures that each space perfectly aligns with its intended function while maintaining seamless connectivity.

Innovative Design Solutions

Utility meets design in the use of movable walls which provide the flexibility needed for privacy without sacrificing the apartment’s open feel. By simply adjusting these partitions, the living room transforms into an undisturbed workspace or expands to become a vibrant gathering area. This adaptability is key for creating harmony between the diverse aspects of daily life.

A Leisure Hub

In the leisure zone, elements such as a gym, sauna, and Jacuzzi are complemented by aesthetically soothing features including shallow pools, fountains, and green walls. These features craft a spa-like atmosphere, allowing relaxation and rejuvenation right at home. Specific attention to the use of blue hues and natural elements introduces a tranquil vibe, reflecting Iranian culture’s rich color tradition.

Cohesive Spatial Experience

What ties the apartment together is its innovative use of color and texture, notably the blue tones and handmade tiles set against simple, neutral backgrounds. This choice not only enhances spatial differentiation but also breathes life into the interiors, transforming a typical apartment into an experiential journey through varied environments. The seamless integration of wooden elements and tiled walls, along with the innovative abolition of corners, introduce an illusion of expanded space, making the apartment feel larger and more open.

The Blue Line Apartment is not just a place to live; it is a lifestyle enclave that offers a unique, immersive experience. It stands as a testament to how thoughtful design can transform everyday living into an art form.

Photography courtesy of Asooarch Company
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- by Matt Watts