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Small yet Exclusive: Maximizing Space with Italian Flair

Minimalist living room with grey sofa, black coffee table, and modern wall decor.

Discover “Small yet Exclusive,” an apartment in Piacenza, Italy, designed by Roberto Guglielmetti. This space epitomizes the seamless integration of function and luxury in a compact setting. Employing smart technology and innovative space solutions, it reflects a unique blend of modern and classic styles, transforming limited square footage into a lavish living experience.

Tangram House: How Twobo Reimagined a 1970s Home

Contemporary living space with orange pendant lamp and green tile accents.

Discover the Tangram House in Barcelona, Spain, a stunning representation of 1970s elegance merged with contemporary design. Designed by Twobo in 2022, this house showcases innovative use of geometric shapes to craft living spaces that promise freedom and fluidity. From its historical roots to the modern reinterpretation, every detail celebrates the original architecture while inviting new possibilities for living.