Small yet Exclusive: Maximizing Space with Italian Flair

Discover “Small yet Exclusive,” an apartment in Piacenza, Italy, designed by Roberto Guglielmetti. This space epitomizes the seamless integration of function and luxury in a compact setting. Employing smart technology and innovative space solutions, it reflects a unique blend of modern and classic styles, transforming limited square footage into a lavish living experience.

Spacious, minimalist living room with clean lines, neutral tones, and modern furnishings.
Sleek, minimalist apartment with open-concept design, neutral colors, and modern furniture.
Minimalist living room with grey sofa, black coffee table, and modern wall decor.
Clean, modern kitchen and living room with sleek white cabinets, minimalist furniture, and hardwood floors.
Sleek, minimalist kitchen with clean lines, neutral tones, and integrated appliances.
Spacious bedroom with minimalist design, clean lines, and natural wood flooring.
Spacious minimalist bedroom with large bed, TV, and built-in vanity area. Light-colored walls and floors.
Minimalist hallway leading to sleek, modern bathroom with white fixtures and wooden floor.

About Small yet Exclusive

Innovative Italian Design: Small yet Exclusive

In the heart of Piacenza, Italy, Roberto Guglielmetti has crafted an apartment that exemplifies innovation within limited space. This designer’s “Small yet Exclusive” project transforms the conventional, masterfully maximizing every square inch.

A Seamless Fusion of Form and Function

Upon entering, a custom multifunctional piece greets visitors, acting as a wardrobe, library, and relaxation corner. The living area boasts a Baxter Budapest sofa, facing a unique round swiveling TV stand that is both sleek and functional. The clear transition between living space and kitchen is marked by strategic design, not walls, offering a feeling of openness.

Culinary Elegance Meets Technological Integration

In the kitchen, a central island conceals an extendable table, ready to accommodate extra guests at a moment’s notice. Cleverly concealed behind a well-equipped wall is a passage leading to more private quarters. This intelligent layout not only conserves space but also embeds the apartment with a sense of enigmatic allure.

As night falls, the master bedroom awaits with a backdrop of 3D wallpaper, creating a theatric ambiance. A seamlessly integrated wardrobe door maintains the room’s clean lines. Guglielmetti’s design philosophy shines, curating an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere through carefully planned illumination.

Roberto Guglielmetti’s “Small yet Exclusive” stands as a testament to the power of coherent and innovative design, proving that a limited footprint need not limit luxury.

Photography courtesy of Roberto Guglielmetti
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- by Matt Watts