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Small yet Exclusive: Maximizing Space with Italian Flair

Minimalist living room with grey sofa, black coffee table, and modern wall decor.

Discover “Small yet Exclusive,” an apartment in Piacenza, Italy, designed by Roberto Guglielmetti. This space epitomizes the seamless integration of function and luxury in a compact setting. Employing smart technology and innovative space solutions, it reflects a unique blend of modern and classic styles, transforming limited square footage into a lavish living experience.

Casa Con Alcova by Paolo Capriglione

Casa Con Alcova by Paolo Capriglione

Casa Con Alcova is an elegant mid-century apartment in the historic city of Piacenza, Italy, designed by Paolo Capriglione in 2021.

Located in the main floor of a palace, this real estate stands out for its unique plan design which is the result of a creative distributive invention, allowing for the optimal orientation of the kitchen and sleeping area. The master bedroom is adjacent to the living room, and the filter area between them is an elongated study, with worktops and bookcases. The bathroom has been entirely covered with a wallpaper depicting koi carp and a glass wall with a gradual satin finish from below, creating a striking “aquarium” effect. An alcove was also included to accommodate guest sleeping accommodations, while nature and greenery complete the interior and restore the home’s identity.