SeeSaw: Explore Mumbai’s Pet-Friendly Cafe Design

SeeSaw, designed by Studio Lotus in 2021, exemplifies modern cafe design in Mumbai, India. This pet-friendly cafe successfully utilizes its compact space to create a seamless indoor-outdoor dining experience. The earthy interiors and strategic lighting enhance the dining atmosphere, making it a cozy communal haven in the bustling Bandra-Kurla Complex.

Rustic yet modern bar with wooden screens, sleek counters, and creative tile flooring.
Warm-toned cafe interior with wooden accents, bar counter, and pendant lighting.
Rustic-modern bar interior with wooden furniture, patterned floor tiles, and pendant lights.
A modern restaurant interior with wooden tables, chairs, and colorful circular wall decor.
Cozy restaurant with vibrant abstract artwork, wooden furniture, and patterned flooring.
Warm, modern interior with artfully arranged lighting fixtures, wooden furniture, and natural materials.
Lush indoor greenhouse-like setting with minimalist furniture and lighting design.
Warm, earthy tones, natural materials, and greenery create a welcoming café atmosphere.

About SeeSaw

Innovative Design and Spatial Planning

SeeSaw, a charming cafe located in Mumbai’s bustling Bandra-Kurla Complex, offers a unique dining experience that harmonizes indoor and outdoor environments. Designed by Studio Lotus in 2021, the cafe addresses the challenge of a limited site by optimizing kitchen workflow and HVAC setup. This strategic planning enhances the frontage, allowing for ample natural light and a fluid transition between the interior and the landscaped exterior.

Aesthetic Interplay of Materials and Colors

The interior of SeeSaw features a sophisticated, earthy material palette, avoiding the extremes of rustic and kitschy styles. The use of warm neutrals and earth tones fosters a welcoming communal space. Key focal points include a linear hot kitchen and an open scratch kitchen, which are visually connected by multiple glass frames that maintain a consistent dialogue between the cafe’s internal and external areas.

Custom Furnishings and Artistic Flourishes

Bespoke furniture by Lap and Dado complements the cafe’s elegant aesthetic, while multimedia wall art by Sahaya Sharma adds a tranquil backdrop to the dining areas. The flooring features a refined mosaic of Indian stones laid by Greenheart Floors, enhancing the overall sophistication of the space.

Adaptive Lighting and Outdoor Comfort

Acknowledging the variable volume of foot traffic, the cafe employs a diffused lighting scheme that allows for flexible furniture configurations. Outdoors, a shaded canopy and robust umbrellas make the garden an ideal spot for guests and their pets, complete with specialized amenities like a gourmet dog menu and a multi-level water station.

This thoughtful integration of design elements ensures that SeeSaw stands out as a model of modern cafe architecture, offering both functionality and style in the heart of Mumbai.

Photography courtesy of Studio Lotus
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- by Matt Watts