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First-Hand: Unifying Craft and Spatial Continuum in Mumbai Apartment

A spacious, minimalist living room with warm wood tones, natural textures, and a cozy seating area.

The First-Hand House, a 120 sq.m. apartment in Bandra West, Mumbai, India, showcases the exceptional design work of DOT. This north-south facing apartment was meticulously planned to establish a spatial continuum, allowing natural light to flood every corner. Featuring a two-bay layout with a central passage, the apartment seamlessly connects the living areas facing the sea to the utility and guest spaces. The use of only two carefully-crafted materials creates a sense of openness and seamlessness, while the varying ceiling heights and softened edges provide a calming, sensorial experience.

ADND Office: A Modernist Oasis in Mumbai’s Historic Heart

Entrance lobby with dark wooden panels, framed art displays, and a metal bench against a lush plant.

Embarking on a new chapter in the vibrant heart of Mumbai, ADND’s office project embraces a redefined syntax of raw materiality and bold architectural nuances. Designed in 2024, this office space in India showcases the creative vision of Atelier Design N Domain, led by Principal Architects Anand Menon and Shobhan Kothari.

The 100-year-old industrial compound, once a heritage enterprise, has been meticulously transformed into a sanctuary of boundless creativity and self-expression, reflecting the shared experiences of the ADND team.

Penthouse: Luxury Apartment Design by Atelier Design N Domain

Stylish modern living room with arched entryways, gray furniture, and a statement artwork.

Situated in the bustling city of Mumbai, India, the Zydus Penthouse designed by Atelier Design N Domain showcases a remarkable blend of modern elegance and strategic spatial planning. This luxurious apartment, nestled atop a newly constructed guesthouse, boasts a commanding view of the airport runways and the winding western expressway. The designers have expertly navigated the structural constraints of the inherited grid, seamlessly integrating the penthouse’s design with the overall building’s architecture.

RL Penthouse: Spiral Staircase Steals the Spotlight

FeaturedLuxurious living room with curved spiral staircase, wood paneling, and statement lighting.

The RL Penthouse, designed by the renowned Atelier Design N Domain in Mumbai, India, showcases a captivating blend of modern elegance and timeless charm. This apartment project, completed in 2019, is a testament to the designer’s skill in creating a harmonious living environment that seamlessly integrates the straight lines of man with the curved lines of nature, as inspired by the renowned architect Antonio Gaudi.

Wadkar Residence: Luxury Apartment Design in Mumbai

FeaturedCozy interior with wooden accents, plush furniture, and lush greenery creating a serene ambiance.

The Wadkar Residence, a captivating apartment project in Mumbai, India, designed by the acclaimed Atelier Design N Domain in 2022, showcases a harmonious blend of contemporary and natural elements.

Featuring a lofty split-level lounge space cloaked in warm oak wood, this private residence for a celebrated artist effortlessly balances the private lower floor with the inviting upper-level terrace. The use of light wood tones, cool blues, and vibrant yellows creates a fresh, lounge-like ambiance, while the integration of large, leafy greens enhances the connection between the interior and the outdoor spaces.

Sky Villa: Mumbai’s Luxury Penthouse with Breathtaking Arabian Sea Views

Sky Villa: Mumbai’s Luxury Penthouse with Breathtaking Arabian Sea Views

In the bustling heart of Mumbai, India, Sky Villa rises above, claiming the 32nd floor. Crafted by the visionary PKD Studio, this penthouse marries luxury with panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, iconic South Bombay twin towers, and a serene harbor vista.

As an epitome of modern design, it draws on the city’s enchanting landscape, transporting you from urban chaos to a tranquil oasis with every glance.