EvolvNest: Modular Design in Mumbai by Unit 93

EvolvNest, designed by Unit 93 in Vikhroli, Mumbai, redefines compact living with its innovative modular furniture and nature-inspired interiors. This 350-square-foot apartment seamlessly blends functionality and beauty, offering a serene urban forest experience that adapts to the residents’ evolving needs.

Cozy apartment with modern furnishings, large window, and acoustic guitar.
Cozy living room featuring a green velvet sofa, modular shelving, and a guitar.
A contemporary living space featuring a white wall gallery, built-in shelves, and minimalist furnishings.
A modern home office featuring a sleek desk, built-in cabinetry, and a vibrant photo collage wall.
A modern kitchen with sleek wood cabinets, black countertops, and built-in appliances.
A modern hallway with curved wooden panels, black accents, and a potted plant.
A cozy bedroom with a lush botanical wallpaper, wooden accents, and a plush bedding set.
A modern bedroom with a built-in storage cabinet, minimalist decor, and a cozy bed.
A sleek, modern bathroom with black marble tiles, brass fixtures, and a stylish floral arrangement.

About EvolvNest

In the vibrant city of Mumbai, many residents live in tiny dwellings of 300 to 400 square feet (28 to 37 square meters). These small spaces tell a story of perseverance, imagination, and the strength of the human spirit to flourish despite limited space.

EvolvNest: A Design Revolution

Driven by a desire to highlight the global phenomenon of compact living, I created the project “EvolvNest.” This design redefines interior design for small spaces, emphasizing flexibility and adaptability. EvolvNest evolves with its residents’ changing needs.

Transforming Compact Spaces

A young couple in Mumbai faced the challenge of making their 350-square-foot (33 square meters) apartment work for their growing family. With EvolvNest, their space became a multifunctional sanctuary where every inch had a purpose. Clever design maneuvers made the transformation effortless.

Urban Forest Design Theme

The design captures an urban forest concept, where nature thrives amid the concrete jungle. The bedroom embraces emerald greens and soft blacks, evoking twilight’s allure. The kitchen, bathed in dawn’s colors, features warm wood tones and soft grays, symbolizing new beginnings. The living room, with clean whites and vibrant greens, reflects midday’s peace and the lushness of a full-bloom forest.

Innovative Modular Furniture

EvolvNest’s modular furniture system stands out. Versatile wall units transition smoothly from a home office to a dining area. Stackable and foldable furniture adapts to various needs. Smart use of mirrors and reflective surfaces makes the apartment feel larger and more open.

Utility Meets Beauty

Our design philosophy combines utility with beauty. We create spaces where storage and display coexist, enhancing sophistication. This project shows that small spaces offer endless opportunities when approached with thoughtfulness and ingenuity.

Photography by YELLOWBALLO

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- by Matt Watts