Dermatology Medical Center in Ljubljana by Studio 360 Dermatology Medical Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia, showcases Studio 360‘s minimalist design, creating a sanctuary of beauty and health. The clinic, located on the ground floor, features an entrance hall, surgery rooms, and other essential spaces. Integrating the owner’s fingerprint into the logo and floral illustrations on the walls, the design emphasizes nature and positivity, ensuring a functional yet sophisticated environment.

Sleek, modern lobby with circular lights, lush plants, and minimalist seating.
Sleek modern lobby with geometric lighting fixtures, potted plants, and a stylized reception desk.
A modern lobby interior with a large, illuminated heart-shaped design on the reception desk, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a lush, green landscape.
Modern interior with large windows, wood and glass shelves, and a sleek gray countertop.
Modernist interior design with geometric wallpaper, circular lighting, and minimalist furniture.
Modern interior with geometric wall pattern, black chairs, and potted plants.
A modern, well-lit corridor featuring patterned walls, recessed lighting, and potted plants.
A modern, minimalist hallway with geometric patterns on the walls and large windows overlooking greenery.
Clean, minimalist bathroom vanity with wall cabinets and patterned accent wall. Modern, functional design.
The image shows a modern hallway with a glass partition, textured wall design, and minimalist decor.
Cozy modern lounge with plush pink chairs, side table, and patterned glass divider.
Sleek, modern bathroom with dual vessel sinks, recessed lighting, and terrazzo walls.

About Dermatology Medical Center is a leading dermatology clinic in the center of Ljubljana. Studio 360 designed its interior and visual identity. The clinic promotes beauty and health with a personal touch, showcasing refined minimalism and sophistication. The owner’s fingerprint features in the heart-shaped logo, with floral illustrations on the walls. These design elements highlight a commitment to nature, positivity, and expertise.

Interior Design and Layout

The clinic is on the ground floor and includes an entrance hall, a funnel-shaped corridor, surgery rooms, and additional spaces. We integrated functionality with the lighting requirements crucial for dermatological practices.

Spacious and Functional Entrance Hall

The spacious entrance hall serves as a versatile hub. It features a reception area, a cozy tea kitchen, a cosmetic product display, and an inviting waiting area. The layout ensures easy navigation throughout the clinic.

Natural Light Optimization

Natural light from the southern facade illuminates the ambulance rooms and offices. We positioned administrative areas where natural light is not essential, optimizing functionality.

Photography by Vladan Srdic

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- by Matt Watts