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Dermatology Medical Center in Ljubljana by Studio 360

Sleek, modern lobby with circular lights, lush plants, and minimalist seating. Dermatology Medical Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia, showcases Studio 360‘s minimalist design, creating a sanctuary of beauty and health. The clinic, located on the ground floor, features an entrance hall, surgery rooms, and other essential spaces. Integrating the owner’s fingerprint into the logo and floral illustrations on the walls, the design emphasizes nature and positivity, ensuring a functional yet sophisticated environment.

Novara: Exploring Luxury Living 300 Meters from the Caribbean Sea

FeaturedSleek open-plan living space with clean lines, natural light, and ocean

Discover Novara, a groundbreaking mixed-use apartment building designed by Studio 360 in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico, in 2023. This innovative project offers 16 exclusive apartments and three commercial spaces, strategically sited for supreme Caribbean Sea views and seamless integration into its surroundings. Explore how Novara redefines luxury and sustainable living.

Cat’s Residence: Slovenia’s Sky High Elegance

Modern living room with city view, sleek furniture, and a cat.

Discover the pinnacle of modern living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with Cat’s Residence – a contemporary gem perched atop a new skyscraper. Designed by Studio 360, this apartment melds functionality with style, creating a haven for both humans and their feline companions. Bright, neutral tones and unique, multi-functional furniture define the space, while ingenious lighting and wall mirrors enhance its expansive feel.

Embrace the comfort and sophistication that comes with cosmopolitan living in this elegantly crafted interior.