Cat’s Residence: Slovenia’s Sky High Elegance

Discover the pinnacle of modern living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with Cat’s Residence – a contemporary gem perched atop a new skyscraper. Designed by Studio 360, this apartment melds functionality with style, creating a haven for both humans and their feline companions. Bright, neutral tones and unique, multi-functional furniture define the space, while ingenious lighting and wall mirrors enhance its expansive feel.

Embrace the comfort and sophistication that comes with cosmopolitan living in this elegantly crafted interior.

Modern living room with clean lines, large windows, and a cat.
Modern living room with city view, sleek furniture, and a cat.
Modern apartment interior with minimalist furniture, bookshelf, and wooden floor.
Modern dining room with bookshelf, black table, and pendant lights.
Modern living room with white bookshelf, sofa, and pendant lights.
Modern hallway with sleek white cabinetry and wooden flooring.
Minimalist interior with a built-in white cabinet displaying black sculptures.
Modern bathroom interior with white fixtures and shelving.

About Cat’s Residence

Elevated Living in Ljubljana

“Cat’s Residence” stands proudly on the top floor of a new Ljubljana skyscraper, offering breathtaking views and a cosmopolitan vibe. We focused on functionality and spatial organization in the design, aiming to create a welcoming atmosphere for the family and their three cats.

Innovative Design Meets Comfort

Each piece of furniture in “Cat’s Residence” boasts a unique design, simple in appearance yet rich in hidden features. The interior shines in bright, neutral tones, setting the stage for various lighting moods at night. Additionally, wall mirrors cleverly enhance the sense of space, culminating in a modern, multi-functional environment that delights owners and guests alike.

Photography courtesy of Studio 360

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- by Matt Watts