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Cat’s Residence: Slovenia’s Sky High Elegance

Modern living room with city view, sleek furniture, and a cat.

Discover the pinnacle of modern living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with Cat’s Residence – a contemporary gem perched atop a new skyscraper. Designed by Studio 360, this apartment melds functionality with style, creating a haven for both humans and their feline companions. Bright, neutral tones and unique, multi-functional furniture define the space, while ingenious lighting and wall mirrors enhance its expansive feel.

Embrace the comfort and sophistication that comes with cosmopolitan living in this elegantly crafted interior.

The Central Apartment: Modern Elegance in Ljubljana

FeaturedThe Central Apartment: Modern Elegance in Ljubljana

Experience the modern allure of The Central Apartment in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Designed in 2023 by Vivijana Zorman, this apartment merges sleek minimalism with historical elegance. Overlooking the iconic castle, its interior features a relief wall echoing a local confectionery’s past, alongside striking blue and sophisticated black accents. This contemporary space not only offers luxury but also narrates the rich history of its location.

Hayrack: A Rustic Slovenian Retreat by Superform

Hayrack: A Rustic Slovenian Retreat by Superform

Welcome to a glimpse of the HAYRACK project, a stunning single-story retreat designed by Superform in the picturesque landscapes of Slovenia. This innovative chalet boasts a design inspired by traditional Slovenian hayracks, featuring solid log construction and distinctive spaces, bringing a perfect harmony of modernity and tradition to life.

Indulge in this architectural marvel that redefines the concept of retreat living.

Renovation of a House by Atelje Ostan Pavlin

FeaturedRenovation of a House by Atelje Ostan Pavlin

Atelje Ostan Pavlin, a talented Slovenian design team, has successfully completed the renovation of a house in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The house, originally built in the nineties, has been transformed into a modern living space with a flowing transition between the interior and exterior. The interiors feature a light and cozy atmosphere with a neutral backdrop for the clients’ art collection, while the exterior features a lush entryway, a central pond, and a recreational area with a vegetable garden. This project highlights Atelje Ostan Pavlin’s commitment to creating a holistic living space that truly reflects the clients’ needs and dreams.