Lolita Eipprova by Triiije

Lolita Eipprova is a beautiful grunge-style café located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, designed in 2020 by Triiije.

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The mix of creativity & hospitality and conceptual art & interior design is Lolita Eipprova’s unique concept and three white French doors leading us inside are a silent homage to Triiije office (meaning “three”). Designed by Andrej Mercina and Maja Humar at the time when the world closed down and allowed time to explore and let the imagination do its work.

It used to be a rather stinky bar, but at the very beginning, we decided that we have to evaluate every single piece of the old interior, before sending it to the trash. And the building with its mass and centuries old walls was truly inspirational.

For some years Triiije has been pushing for sustainable principles and with step by step strategy, we reached the level shown in Lolita Eipprova. To a certain degree it is about recycled materials and reused furniture, but it is even more about the reduction of the new materials we use in the project. And it is about the sustainability of the idea.

In this manner we kept the remains of the old flooring, there is glue, there is old screed, all incorporate in the whole new graphics of the floor. We added old parquet we brought in from another project where it was sent to landfill. Then there were remainings of the old tiles on the wall we again incorporated in the new entity. We combined these with tiles that the lead architect Andrej found in the basement.

Sustainable approach is also visible through the vintage coffee cups used for serving warm drinks

On top, Lolita Eipprova serves coffee & biscuits in old china cups and plates. They became a trademark of the coffee shop, each time you’re served in different cup.

There are multiple Lolitas in Ljubljana and all are café – patisseries in classic terms. But what is special in Lolita Eipprova is the way we merged these principles with art and design. We created a wholesome sensorial experience where we intentionally blurred the borders between one and another. It is with historic rhetoric …a sustainable “gesamtkunswerk”.

Photography by Miran Kambič

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- by Matt Watts