VB Apartment by F Studio Arquitetura + Design

Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, VB Apartment is an industrial home designed in 2016 by F Studio Arquitetura + Design.

Modern living room with leather sofa and wall-mounted bookshelf.
Modern living room with concrete ceiling, wooden furniture, bookshelf, and indoor plants
Modern living room with plants, wooden furniture, and large windows with blinds.
Industrial-chic dining room with exposed concrete and wooden furnishings.
Contemporary room with wooden floors, plants, and blinds
Contemporary living space with exposed beams, wooden floors, and lush indoor plants.
Chic urban living room with exposed beams and mixed textures.
Contemporary living space with a sleek console, vintage poster, and floral arrangement.
Minimalist bedroom with a large, modern wardrobe and sunlight casting shadows.

About VB Apartment

Reviving Vintage Charm in Leblon: A Modern Makeover

Nestled in a 1950s building in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this apartment embarks on a transformative journey. The renovation project aimed to preserve original materials while crafting new spaces to meet the needs of its current occupants. Consequently, a bedroom was cleverly converted into a closet and bathroom for the master suite. Similarly, the old pantry found new life, accommodating a half-bath and expanding the laundry area.

Moreover, a sizable natural Freijó wood panel ingeniously conceals the entrances to the laundry, half-bath, and bedroom hallway.

Elegant Simplicity Meets Functionality

The living space’s design centers around a striking black tile counter, which enhanced and unified the kitchen area. The choice of simple finishes and exposed concrete structures provides a perfect backdrop for the assortment of vintage furniture, lighting, and objects. Notable pieces include Giotto Stoppino’s 1970s tables for Kartell and a Novo Rumo dining table in Brazilian rosewood with matching chairs from the 1960s, all highlighting the era’s craftsmanship.

A Blend of Vintage and Custom Furniture

In contrast, custom-designed furniture by the studio itself adds a contemporary flair. The “Dots” bookshelf, made of solid iron and carbon steel shelves; the “Lina” sideboard in Freijó and white lacquer; the “Pythagoras” coffee tables, featuring tempered glass and a solid iron structure; and the “2001” side table in pigmented concrete, are all testaments to modern design excellence.

This renovation marries the apartment’s historical elements with modern needs, creating a harmonious blend of old and new. It stands as a tribute to the timeless elegance of vintage pieces, seamlessly integrated with contemporary functionality for today’s living.

Photography courtesy of F Studio Arquitetura + Design

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- by Matt Watts