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Refuge Lake: Brazil’s Nature-Inspired Hideaway

Modern glass-walled cabin surrounded by lush greenery.

Refuge Lake, designed by Leila Dionizios for CasaCor 2023, stands as a serene haven in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This unique refuge, formed from two shipping containers, blends Scandinavian design with a tropical twist.

Light tones and natural materials dominate, featuring sustainable wood, linen furnishings, and a custom Corian bathtub. Every detail, from the USB-equipped bed to the skylight bathroom, is crafted for comfort and elegance, perfectly complementing its lakeside setting.

Orla Apartment: Iconic Beachfront Living in Rio de Janeiro

Orla Apartment: Iconic Beachfront Living in Rio de Janeiro

Introducing the stunning Orla Apartment in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – a contemporary masterpiece designed by Studio Arthur Casas! This luxurious apartment, redesigned in 2023, overlooks the iconic Ipanema beach, offering mesmerizing views of Rio’s picturesque landscape.

Tailor-made for a modern family, it features spacious living areas, private home office spaces, and an interior filled with Arthur Casas’ exclusive furniture designs. Experience the true essence of Ipanema living in this exquisite beachfront property.

Duo T Apartment: Infusing Carioca Soul into a Modern Retreat

Duo T Apartment: Infusing Carioca Soul into a Modern Retreat

Designed by PKB Arquitetura in 2020, the Duo T Apartment in Rio de Janeiro is a stunning example of modernist design.

This oceanfront apartment has been transformed from its original state 50 years ago into a sophisticated weekend and summer retreat. With breathtaking views of the iconic Ipanema and Leblon beaches, the Duo T Apartment offers a serene getaway that captures the essence of Rio’s welcoming atmosphere.

Paraty’s JSL House: Steel, Wood & Tropical Landscaping

FeaturedParaty’s JSL House: Steel, Wood & Tropical Landscaping

Welcome to the JSL House, a single-family residence designed by Bernardes Arquitetura and located in a residential condominium in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A few meters away from the beach, the residence was designed with the idea of connection in mind – visual, privileging the view to the sea; and living and leisure spaces. Steel beams, wooden slats and colorless glass railings make up the exterior and interior of the property, giving it a contemporary feel, while sailor rope, navy blue, ocher and nautical striped pattern fabrics bring the beach atmosphere inside. The frames of the living and dining rooms can be completely opened, allowing a stunning view of the horizon.