Refuge Lake: Brazil’s Nature-Inspired Hideaway

Refuge Lake, designed by Leila Dionizios for CasaCor 2023, stands as a serene haven in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This unique refuge, formed from two shipping containers, blends Scandinavian design with a tropical twist.

Light tones and natural materials dominate, featuring sustainable wood, linen furnishings, and a custom Corian bathtub. Every detail, from the USB-equipped bed to the skylight bathroom, is crafted for comfort and elegance, perfectly complementing its lakeside setting.

Modern glass-walled cabin surrounded by lush greenery.
Modern bedroom with wooden wall paneling and textured decor.
Modern bedroom with wooden elements and an indoor garden.
Modern room with wooden finish, bookshelf, hanging clothes, and indoor plants.
Modern bathroom vanity against a stone wall with greenery under a glass roof.
Modern interior with glass ceiling, stone wall, and wooden floor.
Modern outdoor patio with dining area and kitchenette surrounded by lush greenery.
Modern glass greenhouse with lush interior plants and hammock.
Modern glass-walled cabin with wooden interior, adjacent to a pond surrounded by green

About Refuge Lake

Introducing Lake Refuge: A Nature-Infused Retreat

Architect Leila Dionizios unveils Lake Refuge, a serene 80m² (861 sq ft) space at the CasaCor 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, open until October 15th. She reflects, “Recent years have shifted our focus inward, emphasizing comfort and well-being at home.”

Scandinavian Elegance Meets Tropical Flair

In the exhibition’s external area, Lake Refuge emerges from two containers. Dionizios skillfully merges Scandinavian design with tropical elements. Light tones and natural materials like linen dominate curtains and bedding, with wood featuring prominently in coverings and furniture. Interestingly, one wall showcases sustainable wood “tiles” from the new brand AZU, a Marcelo Jardim exclusive.

The Heart of the Design: An Artificial Lake

Lake Refuge’s centerpiece, an artificial lake designed by Bernardo Vieira, forms a natural connection. “The lake, integral to our connection with nature, links to the bungalow via a deck, inviting contemplation,” Dionizios explains.

Lush Landscaping and Brazilian Design

Ana Veras’ landscaping envelopes the bungalow in a relaxing atmosphere. “We chose a naturally-styled lake, adorned with aquatic plants and native bromeliads,” Veras details. The bungalow suite boasts Brazilian design furniture from esteemed designers like Jean Gillon and Jorge Zalszupin. The bed, a centerpiece in off-white bouclé, includes modern comforts like dimmable lighting and a USB point.

Integrating Nature into Every Aspect

The bathroom, occupying a small external area, seamlessly integrates with existing natural elements like a stone wall. Dionizios chose a bespoke bathtub carved in Corian and a unique Ajajá stool from Hugo França. She concludes, “A glass skylight above, overlooking treetops, enhances our connection with nature.”

Photography by Denilson Machado

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- by Matt Watts