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Slow Living: Miriam Barrio Studio’s Duplex Apartment

Slow Living: Miriam Barrio Studio’s Duplex Apartment

This duplex apartment located in Matadepera, Spain is a perfect example of slow living philosophy in design. Miriam Barrio Studio created this project with a minimalist style and wood as the main protagonist. The rest of the elements of the home remain discreet and provide a balanced interior.

Slow living is all about enjoying the small details and what really matters, and this duplex located in the beautiful Catalonia is an amazing representation of that idea.

Tucumã Apartment by WF Arquitetos

FeaturedTucumã Apartment by WF Arquitetos

Situated in Bela Vista, Brazil, Tucumã Apartment is a stunning duplex apartment designed by WF Arquitetos.

This contemporary-style abode offers 670 m² (7,200 sqft) of luxurious living space for a financial market couple and their teenage children. Featuring four suites, an intimate room, living and work areas, a home theater, and bike room, the apartment is designed to provide privacy and comfort for the family. To create a cozy atmosphere, the architects applied wood, coating the ceiling and the mezzanine sill with the material. In addition, they used a contemporary and neutral language, with cozier materials and furniture, exemplified by the sofa fabrics, natural wood in furniture, lining, and panels, and pieces of national design.

Tucumã Apartment is located in the vibrant city of São Paulo, known for its diverse culture and vibrant nightlife.

Apartment S by Laboratorul de Arhitectura

Apartment S by Laboratorul de Arhitectura

Discover the elegance of Apartment S, a luxurious penthouse apartment designed by Laboratorul de Arhitectura in Romania’s vibrant city of Bucharest.

Located in the city center, this stunning property showcases the designer’s eye for detail and commitment to creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Boasting modern and chic features, this property is a perfect example of Bucharest’s traditional and contemporary architecture.

Built in 2021, Apartment S is the ideal living space for those looking for a place to call home.

Bat Galim Duplex by Erez Shani

Bat Galim Duplex by Erez Shani

Check out this stunning penthouse apartment located in Haifa, Israel! This modern masterpiece is the work of Erez Shani and was created in 2021. Dubbed Bat Galim Duplex, this property is definitely something special.

Haifa is a bustling Israeli city with a rich history and plenty of culture to explore. It’s no surprise that this stylish penthouse sits within such an incredible location.

A Cut Above the Rest by Nitzan Horowitz

A Cut Above the Rest by Nitzan Horowitz

A Cut Above the Rest – this is the perfect description for this stunning penthouse duplex apartment located in the Sharon region of Israel. Designed by renowned designer Nitzan Horowitz for a couple and their two daughters, this property is a modern and minimalist masterpiece. With its clean straight lines, optimal use of height and space, and a perfect balance of materials and color, this property truly stands out from the rest.

Horowitz masterfully designed the space to meet the family’s needs, creating a comfortable and harmonious living space with a focus on gray porcelain, a white color palette, and light oak veneer. The lounge and kitchen areas stand out with their impressive architectural features, and the entire space is characterized by the impressive double headroom, creating a powerful experience. The balcony continues the kitchen and the overall design theme, with an outdoor lounge, a dining area, and a fully equipped kitchen. The outdoor seating area includes a pleasant fire pit for cozy seating on cold days, and all the materials used in the property run on the same color palette.

This is one of the most fascinating apartments planned in Israel this year – a true marvel of modern and minimalist design.

A Luxurious Duplex With an Old Jaffa Flair by Halel Arch

FeaturedA Luxurious Duplex With an Old Jaffa Flair by Halel Arch

Experience the perfect combination of luxury and location with Halel Architects’ A Luxurious Duplex With an Old Jaffa Flair. Located in the stunningly beautiful Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel, this 260 sqm (2,800 sqft) duplex is the perfect example of a luxurious property that combines industrial elements with the glory of old Jaffa.

With its boutique hotel inspired interior, the property was designed to coexist in harmony with its breathtaking location near the seafront. Its special touches, such as the power wall in the family living space, the eclectic feel in the sitting room, the open space family corner, the large balcony and the master suite overlooking the sea, create a vibe of a perfect vacation retreat.