Epic Apartment: A Unique Fusion of Bamboo and Metal in São Paulo

Epic Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, is a testament to modern living and innovative design by Nati Minas & Studio. Designed in 2023, this apartment blends multifunctional spaces with a stunning mix of bamboo, metal, and textured materials, serving both aesthetic and practical purposes. It uniquely caters to the dynamic lifestyle of a couple with a keen eye for design, incorporating elements that reflect their hobbies and professional interests in psychology, fashion, reading, and movies.

A warm, modern open-plan living space featuring wood, glass, and metal finishes.

Innovative Design Meets Functionality

Epic Apartment, nestled in the bustling heart of São Paulo, Brazil, mirrors the dynamic lifestyle of its residents – a psychologist with a passion for piano and a fashion designer. Designed in 2023 by the acclaimed Nati Minas & Studio, this abode stands as a testament to bespoke living spaces. As requested, a pivotal bookshelf in the living room not only houses an extensive collection of books and movies but also integrates a home theater TV. This piece cleverly doubles as a permeable partition, maintaining the apartment’s open feel while injecting a cozy ambiance through a wooden bench and an inviting pedestal at the entrance.

A modern, open-plan living area with a wooden ceiling, glass walls, and minimalist furniture.

A Harmony of Bamboo and Metal

The essence of the apartment is its “bamboo box” concept, where bamboo panels stretch across floors, ceilings, and mimic doors, enveloping the social areas in warmth. Against this bamboo backdrop, neutral whites and captivating textures emerge, notably through perforated metal sheets. These sheets are not only aesthetic but functional, subtly dividing the kitchen from the living and dining spaces. In a nod to uniformity, the worktops mirror the white base with hints of gray, corresponding with the metal bookshelf and kitchen cladding, adorned in stone textures.

This modern studio apartment features a minimalist, open-plan layout with sleek kitchen cabinetry and bar stools.

Seamlessly Blending Spaces

The apartment showcases a thoughtful application of scenes and possibilities, conforming to the residents’ daily dynamics. Within the bedroom, the concept of multifunctionality resurfaces, with the space accommodating clothes hangers, a desk, and a TV stand, cleverly zoning off the closet area and bathroom entrance. The bathrooms stand out with porcelain tiles featuring a granilite texture and a deep-toned background, punctuated with custom-made tubs and mirrors, echoing the apartment’s overarching theme of personalized, multifunctional design.

A modern, open-concept living space with a view of the city skyline. Warm wood tones, industrial lighting, and leather furnishings create a stylish ambiance.

This project exemplifies Nati Minas & Studio’s prowess in creating spaces that are not only visually captivating but deeply connected to the residents’ lifestyle, combining functionality with unparalleled design aesthetics.

Warm, minimalist space with wooden ceiling, shelves, and low-profile furnishings creating a cozy ambiance.
Minimalist modern living space with grand piano, leather furniture, and wooden shelving.
Modern living space with wood paneling, glass dividers, and a large TV display.
Sleek, minimalist kitchen design with modern appliances and turquoise accents.
Sleek, modern kitchen with clean lines, gray tile backsplash, and built-in appliances.
Modern bedroom with minimalist gray and white decor, shelving unit, and window blinds.
Clean, minimalist closet with wood floor, white shirts, and drawers in a neutral gray color.
A minimalist bedroom featuring wooden furniture, black and white decor, and a striking window treatment.
Eclectic bathroom design featuring a modern mirror and textured terrazzo walls.

Photography by Carolina Lacaz
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- by Matt Watts