Jardin House: A Modern Oasis Seamlessly Merging Nature and Urban Living

Explore Jardin House in Bandung City, a remarkable project by Patio Livity designed in 2023. This house exemplifies modern architecture’s fusion with nature, boasting a unique split-level layout for enhanced privacy and dynamic space utilization. With its sustainable features and a stunning central garden, Jardin House redefines luxurious urban living.

Contemporary two-story home with sleek, angular design, stone walls, and large windows.

Discovering the Harmony of Modern Living and Nature

Jardin House, located in the lively Bandung, offers an unparalleled living experience. It blends modern architecture with natural elements. Patio Livity designed this house with a focus on privacy, connectivity, and sustainability—all without forgoing comfort. This house is a testament to thoughtful design, where residents enjoy modern conveniences amidst lush greenery.

A modern interior with wooden paneling, glass walls, and a lush greenery backdrop.

Innovative Architecture for Enhanced Living

The standout feature of Jardin House is its innovative split-level design. This architectural choice maximizes spatial dynamics while ensuring privacy across different levels. Areas designated for social gatherings are distinct from private retreats, allowing residents to entertain guests without intrusion into personal spaces. The seamless flow between these areas fosters an open, cohesive environment despite the deliberate segregation.

Luxurious modern living room with wooden ceiling, circular lighting, and cozy seating.

A Verdant Oasis at the Heart of the Home

Central to Jardin House is a breathtaking vertical garden. This green heart not only punctuates the home with natural beauty but also serves a functional role. Skylights integrated into the garden area bring in natural light, reducing the need for artificial sources during the day. Additionally, these skylights, paired with strategically chosen non-solid materials, facilitate natural ventilation. This design minimizes the need for air conditioning, underscoring the house’s eco-friendly ethos.

Modern, open-concept kitchen and dining area with wood paneled ceiling, glass walls, and sleek furnishings.

Strategic Design Ensuring Privacy and Utility

Jardin House admirably balances aesthetic appeal with functionality. The service areas, for instance, are cleverly positioned to provide easy access to the house’s various levels without disturbing its aesthetic harmony or the privacy of its inhabitants. This thoughtful zoning further accentuates the home’s architectural ingenuity.

A modern, open-concept kitchen and dining area with warm wood ceilings, tiled walls, and large windows.

A Modern Sanctuary Amidst Urban Dynamics

Jardin House is more than just a residence; it’s a model for sustainable urban living. It offers a unique sanctuary where privacy, sustainability, and modern design converge harmoniously. Amidst Bandung’s urban backdrop, Jardin House stands as a beacon of how homes can offer tranquility and connectedness while promoting a sustainable lifestyle. With its eco-conscious features and striking design, Jardin House sets new standards for residential architecture.

Sleek modern interior with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, lush greenery, and minimalist decor.
Warm, modern living space with plush seating, wooden accents, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
A modern bedroom with a wooden paneled wall, large windows, and warm lighting.
Sleek, modern bathroom design with minimalist vanity, mirrored cabinets, and large windows.

Photography courtesy of Patio Livity
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- by Matt Watts