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Jardin House: A Modern Oasis Seamlessly Merging Nature and Urban Living

FeaturedA modern interior with wooden paneling, glass walls, and a lush greenery backdrop.

Explore Jardin House in Bandung City, a remarkable project by Patio Livity designed in 2023. This house exemplifies modern architecture’s fusion with nature, boasting a unique split-level layout for enhanced privacy and dynamic space utilization. With its sustainable features and a stunning central garden, Jardin House redefines luxurious urban living.

Light House: Where Heritage Meets Contemporary Design

Light House: Where Heritage Meets Contemporary Design

Studio iF‘s Light House in Singapore is a stunning renovation of a 1970s townhouse. The project, designed in 2022, blends the original charm with modern needs, introducing daylight-filled spaces and sustainable materials. This house showcases a unique conversation between classic and contemporary designs, set against a backdrop of lush gardens and carefully chosen interior details.

Mansion Kanalski Lom: A Fusion of Heritage and Modernity in Croatia

A contemporary building with stone and metal facade, complementing the surrounding nature.

Mansion Kanalski Lom, designed by OFIS Arhitekti in 2023, marries traditional Croatian stone architecture with modern design elements. Located in Banj, Croatia, this house embodies a harmony between the past and present. Serving as a family home for a globally-diverse couple and their eight children, it integrates old stone structures with contemporary materials and design, creating a unique, warm, and inviting space.

La Masoveria: A Modern Take on Girona’s Traditional Farmhouses

Cozy kitchen with wooden beams, neutral tones, and terracotta tile flooring.

La Masoveria, designed by Nook Architects in 2023, beautifully marries tradition with modern necessities in Girona, Spain. This apartment transformation within a historic farmhouse complex introduces new living spaces without compromising its rich heritage. Utilizing traditional materials, the design fosters a seamless connection between the indoors and the verdant outdoors, thus offering a fresh perspective on rural living.

The Gold View Apartment: How Feng Shui Shapes Modern Living

The modern interior features a gray concrete ceiling, plush gray sofa, and a built-in plant display.

Discover the transformative design of The Gold View Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, by STD Design Consultant. This innovative project evolves a three-bedroom into a two-bedroom family home, cleverly incorporating Feng Shui principles and maximizing the use of space with natural light and versatile furniture. The design not only elevates the apartment’s aesthetic but also enhances its functionality and sustainability for modern living.

Woodland House: A Modern Eco Home in Devon by AR Design Studio

Contemporary two-story house with angular black exterior and large windows overlooking green landscape.

Discover Woodland House, a bespoke contemporary house in Devon, England, designed by AR Design Studio in 2022. This real estate gem is a modern escape into the tranquility of rural life, blending energy efficiency with elegant design. Crafted to be both a cozy haven for two and a spacious holiday home for family, Woodland House exemplifies the perfect balance between modern living and natural beauty.