Mansion Kanalski Lom: A Fusion of Heritage and Modernity in Croatia

Mansion Kanalski Lom, designed by OFIS Arhitekti in 2023, marries traditional Croatian stone architecture with modern design elements. Located in Banj, Croatia, this house embodies a harmony between the past and present. Serving as a family home for a globally-diverse couple and their eight children, it integrates old stone structures with contemporary materials and design, creating a unique, warm, and inviting space.

A contemporary building with stone and metal facade, complementing the surrounding nature.
Rustic concrete interior with timber framed windows, large dining table, and minimalist decor.
The image shows a modern, minimalist interior with wood paneling, large windows, and a long hallway.
Expansive windows frame lush greenery, creating a serene indoor-outdoor connection.
Concrete walls, wooden stairs, and a bookshelf filled with books create a cozy, modern interior.
Rustic, minimalist bedroom with stone walls, wooden ceiling, and large window.
A distinctive modern stone and metal structure with a striking triangular roof.
A modern stone and metal house with twin peaked roofs nestled in a lush forested environment.
A modern, multi-level building with a stone exterior and large windows overlooking a lush, forested landscape.

About Mansion Kanalski Lom

A Harmonious Blend of Traditional and Contemporary Design

Mansion Kanalski Lom stands as a testament to the vision of OFIS Arhitekti, showcasing a deep respect for traditional stone architecture while embracing contemporary design principles. This project began with a Russian/American couple’s desire to create a unifying space for their large family amid the natural beauty of Banj, Croatia. It seamlessly integrates two pre-existing stone houses into a cohesive modern home, demonstrating a sensitive approach to heritage and innovation.

Challenges Met with Architectural Ingenuity

The renovation faced considerable logistical and cultural challenges, given the site’s remote location and the significant differences in the clients’ backgrounds. OFIS Arhitekti embarked on a meticulous process of strengthening the existing structures, including wall injections and the introduction of reinforced concrete connections. The architects’ commitment to preserving the essence of the original buildings while ensuring their functionality and stability for modern living is evident in every detail.

A Design That Honors Its Roots While Looking Forward

The new additions to the homestead, including a contemporary entrance wing, draw inspiration from the region’s vernacular architecture yet are executed using modern materials. The exterior, with its subdued gray facade panels, complements the rugged beauty of the original stone, creating a visual continuity that respects the past. Inside, wood dominates, offering a warm counterpoint to the stone and concrete, with large sections of the interior deliberately exposing this interplay of materials. This approach not only highlights the building’s historical elements but also imbues the space with a modern sensibility that is both striking and welcoming.

Creating a Modern Family Home within a Historical Framework

The interior design of Mansion Kanalski Lom prioritizes simplicity and the use of massive elements, mirroring the robust character of the old houses. This project stands as a profound reflection on how families today can inhabit spaces that honor architectural heritage while providing for contemporary needs and sensibilities. The result is a home that is deeply rooted in its locale’s history, offering a vibrant space for a globally-minded family to grow and thrive.

Photography by Tomaz Gregoric
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- by Matt Watts