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Cork Oak House: Architectural Fusion with a Centennial Cork Oak Tree

FeaturedModern residential home with contrasting brick and wood exterior, large windows, and landscaped yard.

Cork Oak House, designed by Skemba in 2021, is a striking house located in Amarante, Portugal. This single-family home intricately weaves the natural presence of a centuries-old cork oak tree into its architectural layout, showcasing a profound respect for its rural setting. Emphasizing sustainability and seamless integration with the landscape, the residence provides an innovative living solution tailored for a modern family. This sophisticated design blends rustic elements with contemporary finesse, making every space inside resonate with functionality and esthetic appeal.

Mansion Kanalski Lom: A Fusion of Heritage and Modernity in Croatia

A contemporary building with stone and metal facade, complementing the surrounding nature.

Mansion Kanalski Lom, designed by OFIS Arhitekti in 2023, marries traditional Croatian stone architecture with modern design elements. Located in Banj, Croatia, this house embodies a harmony between the past and present. Serving as a family home for a globally-diverse couple and their eight children, it integrates old stone structures with contemporary materials and design, creating a unique, warm, and inviting space.

House in Kutná Hora: Transforming History with Modern Design

Contemporary living room with a minimalist design, neutral tones, and a piano.

Discover the stunning renovation of the House in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, by BYRÓ architekti. Designed in 2023, this historical home perfectly merges its rich past with innovative modern elements. Ideal for a family of five, the house boasts a clever use of light, color, and space to create an atmosphere where every room flows into the next, set against a backdrop of architectural evolution.