Twelve by Jaime Salvá

Dive into the world of Twelve, an embodiment of contemporary-Mediterranean architecture nestled in the heart of Santa Ponça, Mallorca, Spain. This detached two-story house, masterminded by architect Jaime Salvá, marries form with function in a striking composition of space and light.

Admire the harmonious blend of interior and exterior spaces, offering breathtaking views and a seamless connection with the vibrant Mediterranean outdoors. The project’s sustainability focus is evident, incorporating passive elements like optimal orientation and cross ventilation, along with top-notch thermal insulation. The rich use of local materials, such as Santanyí dry stone and Balearic gray limestone, anchors the house in its locale, and the careful selection of furniture by interior designer Marga Comas elevates the aesthetic to new heights.

From the state-of-the-art kitchen to the thoughtful touches throughout, Twelve is a testament to modern design and comfortable living on this idyllic Spanish island.

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About Twelve

Unveiling ‘Twelve’: A Contemporary-Mediterranean Marvel in Santa Ponça, Mallorca

Introducing ‘Twelve’, a detached, single-family residence nestled in the serene locale of Santa Ponça, Mallorca. This architectural masterpiece is the brainchild of the celebrated architect, Jaime Salvá, who crafted this home for the forward-thinking developer, Sophisticated Projects. The design takes inspiration from contemporary-Mediterranean architecture, ensuring an optimal layout to create spacious, well-lit interiors that boast cross ventilation. The design seamlessly merges indoors with outdoors, enhancing the visual appeal and overall spatial experience.

A Harmonious Play of Form and Function

The unique spatial design of ‘Twelve’ transforms into an iconic architectural statement. It’s a harmonious play of volumes where form and function unite. Each architectural decision is an embodiment of a functional motive, reinforcing the integral balance between aesthetics and utility.

Sustainable Construction: A Pledge to the Environment

Islabau, the construction firm, brought ‘Twelve’ to life. With the design and construction management under the guidance of Jaime Salvá and technical architect Iñaki Fernández, the project follows rigorous sustainability criteria. This was achieved primarily through passive design strategies, such as solar orientation and cross ventilation, and the use of high-quality thermal insulation in the home’s exterior, deploying the SATE system (Exterior Thermal Insulation System).

Thoughtful Material Selection: A Testament to Elegance

The construction of ‘Twelve’ features a carefully curated palette of materials. These include the local dry stone of Santanyí used in exterior walls that extend into the interior, and the Balearic gray limestone that imparts a neutral tone. This intentional selection beautifully complements the meticulously chosen furniture, thanks to the expert eye of interior designer Marga Comas.

A Modern Kitchen: The Confluence of Style and Innovation

The kitchen, outfitted by ‘Espacio Home Design’, showcases the Modulnova brand’s state-of-the-art design. The client’s discerning selection includes advanced features such as the Gaggenau brand’s smoke extraction system. This innovative system is built into the island itself, thus eliminating the need for traditional hoods, ducts, and chimneys.

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- by Matt Watts