Seaside Villa by In2design Design Studio

Delve into Seaside Villa, a stunning example of luxury real estate in Lisiy nos, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Designed by In2design Design Studio, this home exemplifies modern luxury across 3229 square feet (300 square meters), fusing natural materials with abundant light to showcase the villa’s unique waterside setting.

Spacious modern interior with minimalist kitchen, large gray sofa, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
A modern kitchen with sleek green cabinetry, black island, and sculptural pendant lights.
A modern kitchen with sleek cabinetry, minimalist lighting, and a statement island.
A modern dining room with a striking round chandelier and a panoramic view of the outdoors.
Striking modern staircase with linear metal railing and integrated wine storage cabinet.
Elegant modern home office with sleek furniture, lighting fixture, and wood-paneled walls.
Minimalist living room with a wooden built-in shelving unit, grey sofa, and stylish floor lamp.
Minimalist bedroom design features wood paneling, textured wall, and woven headboard.
Minimalist bedroom interior with gray walls, wooden shelving, and a mounted TV.
A modern bedroom with a gray concrete wall, a golden curved wall sconce, and a cozy brown leather sofa.
Modern bathroom with sleek vanity, circular mirrors, and minimalist decor.
Sleek, modern bathroom with black vanity, round white basin, and large mirror.
Elegant bathroom with sleek vessel sink, wood paneling, and tropical-themed wallpaper.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with a freestanding tub, rings pendant light, and scenic beach view.
A modern exterior with a spiral staircase, outdoor seating, and lush greenery.
Sleek outdoor patio with black modern furniture, glass railings, and lush greenery.
A modern, multi-level house with a spiral staircase, wooden decks, and large glass windows.
Architectural elements blend seamlessly with lush landscaping, creating an inviting outdoor space.

About Seaside Villa

Nestled on the scenic coast of Lisiy nos village, the Seaside Villa by In2design Design Studio stands as a testament to modern luxury. Designed in 2021, this 300-square-meter haven boasts a living and kitchen area that spans half its expanse, blurring the lines between the minimalist architecture and its coastal environment.

Coastal Harmony

Upon approach, Seaside Villa greets with its seamless integration into the landscape. The outdoor chess garden—an embodiment of playful sophistication—echoes the villa’s commitment to leisure and elegance. The estate’s modern lines complement the surrounding greenery, while oversized windows whisper of the light-filled spaces within.

A Seamless Transition

The villa’s interior welcomes with a vast living space where the soft hues of luxury furniture meet the wave-shaped kitchen island. It’s here that the natural textures and the concept of space and light coalesce, serving the client’s vision of an airy, boundless home. Each element, from the bespoke lighting to the refined finishes, narrates a story of coastal living.

Moving deeper into the villa, the transition from shared to private spaces is fluid. The master bath, dressed in the villa’s signature palette, offers a glimpse of the horizon. Here, modern fixtures play against the elemental beauty of stone and light.

The journey continues to the individual realms of tranquility—the bedrooms and personal spaces. Each room unfolds with a unique character, yet all share the villa’s DNA of light and natural textures. The refined choice of materials and artful design choices speak of a well-curated lifestyle that respects both form and function.

In the Seaside Villa, every corridor and corner reveals a thoughtful dialogue between interior and exterior. The ascent of the floating staircase, for instance, is an ascent through layers of light and texture, leading to spaces where the gradient of ocean shades graces the walls, and the essence of the sea is ever-present.

Luxury Meets Landscape

The climax of the narrative is perhaps the villa’s dining area, where the interior design pays homage to the villa’s coastal context. An organic chandelier mirrors a canopy of foliage, as the floor-to-ceiling windows frame the boundaryless interplay between inside and outside. Here, dining becomes an immersive experience, a testament to In2design’s mastery in crafting spaces that celebrate their surroundings.

Seaside Villa is more than a house; it’s a sensory journey through spaces that embrace their context, crafted by the visionary minds at In2design Design Studio. With an address set on the coast of Lisiy nos village, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, this architectural masterpiece redefines the essence of a seaside retreat.

Photography by Alexandra Dubrova
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- by Matt Watts