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Jardin House: A Modern Oasis Seamlessly Merging Nature and Urban Living

FeaturedA modern interior with wooden paneling, glass walls, and a lush greenery backdrop.

Explore Jardin House in Bandung City, a remarkable project by Patio Livity designed in 2023. This house exemplifies modern architecture’s fusion with nature, boasting a unique split-level layout for enhanced privacy and dynamic space utilization. With its sustainable features and a stunning central garden, Jardin House redefines luxurious urban living.

Grande House: Harmonizing Nature and Design for a Chic, Eco-Friendly Home

Contemporary house with geometric lines and warm lighting at dusk.

Discover the allure of Patio Livity‘s Grande House in Bandung, Indonesia. This private house, designed in 2023, showcases a unique blend of architectural innovation and sustainability. The design by Patio Livity strikes a harmonious balance between openness and seclusion, utilizing creative solutions for privacy, natural ventilation, and solar control.

Maine Coon House’s Innovative Design: Perfect for Every Family Member

FeaturedModern multi-level house with large windows and a car parked outside.

Introducing the Maine Coon House, a 2023 creation by Patio Livity in Jakarta, Indonesia. This private house uniquely caters to each family member’s preferences, blending functionality with personal style. From ample storage solutions to specific automotive-themed areas and cozy contemplative spaces, this residence showcases a sophisticated blend of design elements tailored to enhance living experiences.